Every business wants to engage and captivate its audience, but how to achieve it? Videos are the answer.

Videos have such a powerful ability to captivate viewers that their sheer appearance on a website may encourage visitors to remain longer. In those few extra seconds, you have the power to make a significant impact on their perception of your company. According to the Benchmark Report by Vidyard, videos under 90 seconds have a retention rate of 53%, whereas those beyond 30 minutes have a retention rate of only 10%.

When there are so many types of video, which one should a business choose? You can start with an introductory video.

5 Advantages of Introductory Video That Can't Be Missed

What is an Introductory Video?

An introductory video is a brief, concise, and direct introduction video. You present yourself, your business, your brand’s objective, and your personality to an audience through these videos.

Because you’re speaking to them on a personal level, these kinds of videos might help you stand out from the crowd and garner favor with the audience. People like to see the person behind the brand, so having an introductory video can help them remember you better.

You have one chance to make a strong first impression with your video introduction. It’s similar to going to a friend’s house and meeting a new set of people. The initial few seconds will have a significant impact on how people perceive you.

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How to Create an Engaging Introductory Video 

The purpose of a video introduction is to help your business interact with customers on a more personal level. Here are some tips for creating an intro video that will entice your consumers.

1. Always have a goal in mind 

The goal is to develop a video that will serve as an introduction. It’s anything that enhances a visitor’s experience when they visit your website. You may use this as an occasion to demonstrate something to your employees or to explain anything about your company’s mission.

Use this opportunity to educate, convince, or raise awareness of your company or brand.

2. Keep it short and precise at all times

According to prominent marketers, an audience selects whether or not to view a video based on two factors: the thumbnail and the duration of the video.

So, keep your video brief if you want to capture your customer’s interest in one go. Also, make sure it’s just loaded with the most important information.

3. Finish with a call to action

Simply creating a stunning opening video section after section would be useless until you inform your viewers what they should do at the conclusion. Don’t simply leave them hanging; offer them a cause to stay with your company for a longer period of time.

What do you want people to do on your website next? Show it or mention it as your video nears its conclusion.

4. Ensure a high level of quality

While this is true for each video you produce, it is more crucial in this case because you are creating an introductory video. This is the first and most likely final impression you will make on your audience. That’s why you should think carefully about using an outdated camera to photograph it.

Did you know that bad video quality has a great probability of making an unfavorable impact on the human mind? This necessitates the avoidance of background noise, filthy backdrops, and unpresentable faces. Use the proper equipment to record the movie and then cut out any undesired portions after it’s finished.

5. Add significant value

While you’re attempting to inform your audience about yourself in the few minutes allotted for an intro video, don’t forget to explain why you’re valuable to them. Finally, if a consumer believes you have something of value to give them, they are more inclined to associate with you. They’re interested in hearing what you can do for them.

Frequently, some inquiries explain how your audience might benefit from consulting your company or brand.

Make the most of two minutes by giving your customers a reason to stay on your site and interact with your company. Don’t forget to include a call to action at the conclusion, which will inform them of how they may profit from working with you. 

Don’t know what type of introductory video you want to make? Start with an animated intro video. No one will be able to look at a brilliant animation and be unmoved. It catches the audience’s attention, engages them, and compels them to listen to what a firm has to say.

How to Create an Engaging Introductory Video 

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Why You Should Create an Animated Introductory Video

Still unsure how animation may help your company grow? Here are the advantages of an animated introduction video.

1. Boost the credibility of your company’s image

Even when done poorly, animated videos may appear professional and authoritative.

Aside from that, animation is available in a wide range of styles. You may always pick and select which ones go well with your brand and avoid the ones that don’t.

2. Increase brand exposure and awareness

Your branded videos will be more easily recognized if they have a well-made animated intro video.

In a world where your potential clients are bombarded with tens of thousands of marketing messages every day, brand recognition is a significant advantage. Making introductory videos might assist you in doing so.

3. Make your branded videos stick out more

Of course, awareness is fantastic – but you can’t be aware of something if you don’t remember it. 

Using vibrant and well-made animated video intros is a terrific approach to ensure that your branded material “sticks” in the minds of viewers. An excellent animated video ad may stick with people for up to 30 days after they’ve seen it. 

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Let’s Start to Create Animated Introductory Video

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