By now, we have established the fact that video is a popular marketing tool for brands. 86% of businesses use video content, and 93% of marketers who use video say that video is an important part of their strategy. It’s no secret why there are over 2 billion YouTube users!

Yes, videos are popular. Just because brands use videos, it doesn’t mean that all kinds of videos are effective. Videos without content and purpose won’t cut it. That’s why you will need “Brand Video” as a marketing strategy.

But what is a brand video? What video is a great brand video? And why do you need a brand video?

5 Examples of Creative Brand Video and Why You Need One!

What Is A Brand Video?

A brand video is any video that increases awareness and contributes to the perception of your business and its products/services.

A key determinant of brand video is that it emphasizes your brand. This means you don’t have to advertise a specific product or service yourself. The goal here is, first of all, to build your brand in the minds of your audience.

It must be a low-quality video that has not been edited properly. Or at least not. As a warning, 62% of consumers tend to have a negative perception of brands that post poor-quality videos. High-resolution videos that touch or tell a story can make a big difference in the realm of branded video, and quality is important to viewers.

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But sometimes examples speak louder than words, so let’s take a look at some good branding videos.

5 Examples of A Creative Brand Video

1. Slack – Case study video

Have you ever heard of a case study video? Slack gives a fun example of a case study video that actually makes it a great brand video. It does not have to be too “wow”, you just need the impact it has on your audience. Not only does this video make you know slack better, but it also entertains the audience. It shows how a little humor can help convince customers to invest in your product.

2. Google Assistant – Home Alone Again

In 2018, Google revived the classic and returned Culkin to an older version of his character Kevin McCallister for 2018 Branded Video, nearly 30 years after the original hit theaters. The video was originally a tech spin on the home alone story, and Kevin now uses his Google Assistant when he’s home alone–and it absolutely makes staying at home alone easier!

Google made a careful decision to remake scenes from the film. They could have easily shown Culkin in their new modern home using Google Assistant, but they decided to stay true to the film’s old legacy. The quality of the video, property, and background, all show Google’s respect for the original and make it seem like a more relevant brand.

Nostalgia is a great way to engage with your audience, whether you’re using pop culture references like Google, or just pinning an outdated product your audience will recognize. Think about the age of your audience and work on instantly recognizable popular culture references in your brand videos.

3. HubSpot – Product Explainer Video

Product explainer videos do more than explain the features of a product. 70% of YouTube viewers use videos “to help them solve problems”. There is no denying that there is a demand for product explainer videos.

HubSpot shows a great example of a product explainer video. The problem that arises is that brands struggle to communicate with their customers. The conversation is very important. What’s the solution? Smart interactions with their new tool, HubSpot Conversations.

Product explainer videos work really well because people usually have short attention spans. This video conveys a lot of information in an engaging way in a short amount of time. This allows you to quickly represent the unique selling point of your product or service.

4. LEGO – Animated Origin Story Video 

Go one step further like what LEGO has done by creating a video that tells the early story of how LEGO became the brand it is today.

Everyone loves a good original story, and this video seems to have garnered the sympathy of many, with over 24 million views. The style of this video is unique because it is an animation, but proof that a great story can be delivered in a variety of formats. 

This video is a 17 minute animated film made to commemorate the company’s 80th anniversary.

5. – Company Culture Video

The video takes us behind the scenes in one of the brand’s most exciting activities, a real fashion shoot. This beautiful model also talks about her work and collaborations with brands. It really helps to put in a positive light as a viewer.

Corporate culture videos work because they often provide a lot of fun or something unique behind the scenes. In doing so, they give you the opportunity to attract consumers who may be most interested in the people behind your brand.

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Why Do You Need A Brand Video?

Why Do You Need A Brand Video?

Video marketing is a proven way to increase brand awareness. As consumers demand more video content and brands shift their marketing spending to a visual approach, this is important marketing that you cannot miss. Businesses need to seize opportunities and find new ways to win their audience’s attention and trust. Without this, the brand only adds to the noise.

According to Wyzowl’s  State of Video Marketing 2021 Report, 84% of people say they buy a product or service after watching a brand video. Unlike video ads, which explicitly promote a product or service, brand video focuses on delivering great content related to your core values to a specific audience.

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