Consider an explainer video as a company’s modern-day elevator pitch for its products or services.

Successful ones explain the value of your product in the shortest period and are succinct, laser-focused, and have a very clear goal. The explainer video format is intended to catch viewers’ attention. After all, attention is a valuable resource, thus the majority of explainers are well-produced and feature a strong call to action.

An explainer video is a short animated or live video that explains your company’s product or services. Explainer videos are often placed on your landing pages, the home page of your website, or prominent product pages. This type of video has become very popular – some sites boast up to 144% more conversion rates after including explainer videos on their websites.

Get to Know More What Is Explainer Video

What Does An Explainer Video Do

Did you know that only 20% of your site visitors will read the document, but 80% will watch a video? Your company will need an explainer video because it explains effectively what you provide, whether it’s a product or service. 

To prove the point, let’s check several benefits you will get from explainer videos.

1. Catch the audience’s attention

How do you grab the attention of your target audience when advertisers bombard them with ads? The answer to this question is, an interesting video. Explainer videos are a very powerful tool that helps to grab viewers’ attention.

2. Improve web search engine optimization (SEO)

What are the most important factors that determine the success of your online business? Traffic! Embedding videos can significantly increase web traffic. If there are no visitors to your site, you can say bye-bye to traffic in the future.

Search engine users are 50% more likely to find your site if you include videos in your content. In addition, users will spend more time on your page if the video is interesting. This will give more positive signals to the search engines, which will increase your rankings and organic traffic.

3. Attractive for mobile users

More and more internet users are turning to dedicate more time to their smartphones. Smartphones are so powerful these days that you can do pretty much anything a computer can.

In addition, mobile phone users appreciate explainer videos. Content volume is very important when we are dealing with smartphone users. Explainer videos fit perfectly into the phone screen, giving them a great user experience. As we saw at the beginning of this article, the demand for video on mobile devices is growing exponentially.

4. Increase your conversion rate

Another great advantage of posting explainer videos is the increased conversion rate. Having an explainer video at the top of your landing page can significantly increase engagement and sales.

5. More chance of going viral

Explainer videos are not limited to your content pages. You can distribute the videos on various video platform sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. This social media platform makes it easy for users to share videos.

6. Suitable for multiple channels

We’ve seen how videos go viral on social media platforms, and we’ve covered how embedding videos can increase site time. Inserting videos into emails helps increase the open rate by up to 13%.

Another study found that about 93% of businesses increased their sales due to posting videos on social media platforms. You can also use explainer videos for TV ads.

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What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

So how do you make a good explainer video? Let’s check some criteria below that is present in every great explainer video.

1. Short

The greatest explainer videos are frequently shorter, lasting between one and two minutes, but they are typically under three minutes long.

2. Strong CTA

Explainer videos need to make it clear what they want the viewers to do after seeing them. So they will need a concise and eye-catching call to action (CTA) button.

3. Focus on problem-solving

Explainer videos are designed to address a particular issue, describe a product or service, and explain why they are the best option.

4. Connect brand and audiences

The most effective explainer videos are those whose tone and style reflect both the brand and the target audience.

5. High Quality

For explainer videos to effectively convey a brand’s value proposition, they must be of high quality in both production and content.

How then, are the finest explainer videos able to maintain their succinctness, excellent quality, effective call to action, and clear solution? They all have a similar format. They address these questions in the first place:

What: What problems are the audience facing?

How:  How will your solution (product/service) fix it?

Why: What makes you the audience’s best option?

Explainer videos frequently neglect to emphasize the why in favor of the what and the how. They do an excellent job of discussing a product or service, but they fall short when it comes to conveying the core mission of the business. Your business needs to convey a compelling core mission statement that connects specifically with its intended audience to explain the why. This may be done by using video marketing to identify who their target audience is.

What Are The Best Explainer Video?

To better understand what a good explainer video looks like, here are some examples of them, including some projects we’ve worked on:

Lendlease – LLevel Up

This video explains a feature of Lendlease, LLevel Up with a digital animation ads video. With simple and concise animation, we describe all information needed. The motion graphics also works to keep audiences’ interest in the information–which is the most important thing in explainer videos. 

You can learn that it doesn’t need too much struggle to deliver great explainer videos. Animation videos are easy, more affordable, and simple for explainer videos.

Casper – About Us

This explainer video from Casper is one example of how explainer videos can work with in-frame actors and without too many voiceovers. What’s more? They added humor to the video so they can grab the audience’s attention span as long as possible.

How Do I Start Explainer Video?

In-depth research on project requirements

Determine the audience’s pain point. Next, we decided what kind of explainer video would do the trick for the project.

When we complete the task of defining our audience and choosing the type of video to solve the problem, we then decide what we want from our audience.

In addition, we must also decide whether to convey our message formally or informally. To get better results from your campaigns, you should try to answer some of the common objections you might have from viewers.


You need to have the right text structure in place to quickly attract viewers and keep them clinging to your video. If you are not good at copywriting, don’t risk writing your copy.

You can also hire a copywriter and let them write the script for your videos to get the most out of your campaign. Medium videos with great transcription will perform better than great videos with poor text.


The storyboard process is a way to analyze whether your visual and storytelling style fits your company’s mission and goals. Apart from that, it also reduces the time you need to do reviews.

In this step, we bring the characters together in the video, break down the entire story and arrange them in order, and bring the characters to life by exposing them to different backgrounds.


Just like the story, the voiceover is also an important part of the video. If the voiceover doesn’t match the character’s traits, it can spoil the whole video’s fun. You have two options for voiceover. You can choose a professional voiceover artist, or you can do it yourself.

Prepare your first draft

When you create your first draft, note it and distribute it to your team members. Allow them to drop some comments and suggest what you can do to improve the video quality.

Sound effects

Add different sound effects from the voiceover. In the voiceover, you bring in a professional artist to voice the characters. In terms of sound effects, you can create fun videos to grab and grab the viewer’s attention.

You should consult a professional audio designer to create the most suitable video sound effects. It’s like putting the finishing touches on a video.

Posting, Publishing, and Marketing

The final task is to add the final touches to the video to ensure that the video is of the highest quality. It is very important to check the performance of the video at different resolutions as well as adjust it on different types of devices.

Focus on reaching your target audience with your videos. If you are not very good at advertising, then you should consider hiring a marketer who can do the job for you.

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