Attention spans can be relatively short, thus the faster you can capture your audience’s attention, the better. This is why visual storytelling is gaining popularity and has been shown to have a significant impact on viewers. The addition of a cartoon character or company mascot can increase engagement significantly.

Cartoon characters are not only eye-catching and distinctive, but their whimsical attitude may also serve to express a pleasant and approachable message while also providing another depth to your business.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Cartoon Illustrators

How Cartoon Illustrators May Benefit Your Company

You may believe that cartoons are childish and unsuitable for your type of business, but after researching the various styles of illustration available, you’ll see that they don’t have to be.

Companies use illustrations to promote in a variety of ways, and they have been proven to increase audience engagement. For many years, cartoons have been utilized as a marketing tool, and there are various reasons why they are still popular today.

According to Brain Rules, people can recall 65 percent of visual information up to three days later, compared to 10 percent of plain text information. People are more likely to remember your brand if it is accompanied by a cartoon in your marketing activity.

Here are some benefits you can get by hiring cartoon illustrators.

1. Give Personality to Your Brand

When it comes to presenting your brand’s personality in the way you want, cartoon illustrators are trusted, expert artists. They may represent your company while maintaining its principles and identity in mind. Illustrators can develop characters that match your business if you work with children’s toys or other products.

They can also produce serious illustrations if you are in a professional business. Every industry and corporation has its own distinct brand identity, value, and character, which can be portrayed graphically.

Health Promotion Board Antibiotics Frustrated Pill

The video above shows that cartoon illustrations can be

1. Relatable

It is comparable since they now possess some of our human characteristics. One of the most important aspects of a video campaign is when your viewers can connect with and relate to your brand.

2. Entertaining

It frequently includes humour or comical elements that keep viewers entertained for a longer time. Needless to say, it’s satisfying to witness your product transformed into a living cartoon character who speaks directly to your customers.

3. Shareable

A well-thought-out cartoon character with interesting stories, sound effects, and music will encourage viewers to share for additional marketing opportunities.

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2. Interesting Product Illustration

Images stand out more than anything else. Since our brains can retain and recall images of things much more easily than words on a page, images are considerably superior to words. 

A cartoon or drawing sticks in our memories more than a picture does since it typically depicts the product or marketing message in its natural environment. An illustration can be used to demonstrate action and convey a much deeper, more nuanced message than a simple picture alone.

For example, look at this Brother Inkjet Printer video.

Brother Inkjet Printer

This product explanation video is made interesting by using cartoon illustrations. They explain the various advantages that you can get with the printer. Not only that, but they also give a glimpse of the main steps so you don’t have to struggle to find out how it works in a manual full of small text.

3. Cartoon Illustrations are More Appealing than Real People

A lovely cartoon figure would elicit feelings of affection from almost everyone. Here’s why. For starters, cartoons elicit a subconscious yearning for pleasant childhood years. 

This knowledge alone puts the person at ease. It gives them the impression that they are in the presence of something familiar, something that brings back happy memories.

McDonald’s Family Mental Wellness Ad

Although it’s not all happy memories, McDonald’s cartoon video brings out the emotion and feeling that some people may convey wrongly.

It shows the turmoil of how it feels to be bullied, but in the end, it shows how family can help overcome that.

Would you be more interested in watching real people act that or a cartoon with added background illustration?

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Looking For Cartoon Illustrators?

We already know that cartoon illustration is an effective marketing method for promoting brands. Cartoon illustrators are playing an important part in presenting brand awareness and personality in this modern marketing landscape.

However, finding the ideal cartoon illustrator might be difficult. You may have opposing views, or the design may not be to your liking.

No need to worry. Because we have the solution for you!

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Superpixel provides creative illustration services such as infographics and explainers, broadcast design, 3D visualizations, and many others.

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