You might have seen a character animation on television, on Youtube, or in cinemas. Character animation is the art of creating animated characters in two or three dimensions. This is a specialized field of animation that focuses primarily on character movement. Character animation for your marketing strategy? It screams creative and unique. Something that surely, will differ your campaign from others.

Continue to read the article below to discover all about character animation for your brand communications. 

Character Animation: Why It Works for Brand Communications

Why Character Animation Works For Your Brand Communication?

One of the main advantages of character animation is the fact that it is completely customizable. This means you can design high-quality animations that perfectly represent your brand, tone, and personality.

Character animation can also be a good investment. Because if you design your own character and basically ‘own’ it, you can reuse it across different storylines.

For example, you can use a single character to create a series of animated videos that work across multiple platforms and build your own journey. This may include longer commercial animations along with shorter social media videos to promote the video. This will help you build a character story that encourages people to invest more emotionally in your video content.

Animated videos that use customized character animations can set you apart from other brands because they feel more professional. 

Speaking from experience, here are why some clients come to us for that quirks:

  • Relatable: It is relatable because they now share some of our human qualities. One of the key successes in a video campaign is when your viewers are able to empathize and relate to your brand.

  • Entertaining: It often involves humor or comedic aspects that entertain viewers longer. Needless to say, it’s so satisfying to see how your product is being translated into a living animated character to speak directly to your customers.

  • Shareable: A well-thought animated character with good stories, sound effects and music will invite viewers’ sharing for bonus marketing potential.

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If you still need inspiration on how you make your own character animation videos, see another use case for character animation videos:

Where Do You Use Character Animation Videos?

Origin Story Video

Origin story video? Why not? Everyone loves a good origin story. especially if you use a unique plot using animated characters. An example of this kind of video is LEGO, which made a 17-minute animation video of how the company started to commemorate its 80th anniversary. 

How To & Product Explainer Video

An explainer video is ideal for businesses looking to describe bring their products, services, or brands to life. Also, it is great for supporting sales teams as leads, introducing complex topics, or using it as part of a video series that explains your brand’s personality and mission as part of your social media strategy.

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Virtual Event Video

As most events go digital, investing in animated videos with custom characters is an effective way to differentiate yourself, especially in the online space. Creating custom videos that ‘show’ your brand will help you stand out in a space where you have to rely on virtual interactions rather than face-to-face interactions. You can learn more about how to create an effective promotional video for your virtual event here.

Internal Communication

Not only it is used for marketing strategy, but character animation videos can also be used for your internal use. Character animation is not limited to external communication. Having video content that supports internal communication can help increase engagement within your team. Having characters tell the story of your company and guide everyone through change and growth is a great way to keep your team working towards a common goal. Explaining how to request annual leave through video? A how-to video to appeal for a promotion? It all can be made more interesting with animation video.

Is It More Appealing Than Real Character?

Almost everyone will fall in love with animated characters. The reason?

  1. Animated characters evoke a subconscious nostalgia for a carefree childhood. This fact alone automatically puts a person at ease. It makes them feel like they’ve found something familiar and evokes good memories.

  2. Second, animated characters are a fun and easy way to express emotions. Have you ever wondered why social media stickers have become so popular? People are naturally drawn to anything that is fun, entertaining, and requires little effort. It is much easier to express emotions with stickers than it is to explain the same meaning with text. This (visual) communication method is widely used by brands in modern marketing.

Can You Use Character Animation For A “Serious” Image Branding?

Of course! Many brands, especially B2B, worry that having character next to their brand name won’t make people take their brand seriously. Well, let’s face it. Company work is boring and doesn’t attract attention as long as we would like. Whether you’re talking about B2C or B2B brands, the presence of carefully selected characters targeting the right audience will bring lasting benefits rather than damaging the reputation of a “serious” brand.

Form Boring To Interesting

Cartoon characters cause pleasant associations for most people. We all agree that plain text is harder to read and usually doesn’t get much attention. Comics, on the other hand, grab the attention of viewers. Remember: those who care, buy!

Make It More Human

Even if you have a “serious” brand image, you can still use character animation. The key is, it is customizable. So pick a character that portrays our brand image accordingly. Serious or fun, you can achieve both with the perfect character.

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With all the noises for digital marketing, it is time for you to actually join the race!

Let us know what you think. You might want to consider developing your brands into some animated characters for your business too! Visit Superpixel SIngapore right now!

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