Social media has become one of the most popular online activities in the world and is a big part of our daily lives. Hence, businesses and marketers use social media to communicate with their audiences in promoting products and services. But with a rise in video content over the years, people are now preferring to watch engaging videos over static images or reading long texts – causing a slow decline in the average user’s attention span.

So how does one compete for user retention and engagement? Well, the answer is relatively simple – through the use of animation services! Animation has become one of the most effective marketing tools for any type of business. It’s fun, entertaining and able to appeal to the mass audience in the shortest amount of time!

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of animation services available, the benefits of animation for your brand and how you should consider using animation services to help grow your business.

Key Takeaways

  • Animation services are a dynamic and versatile medium that can elevate or enhance your brand’s story or campaign to a new level.

  • The majority of consumers prefer video content to reading – shifting the online scene to favour video content on all social media platforms.

  • Animated videos have the ability to engage users for a longer period of time which leads to improved user retention rates.

  • The use of animation services will help businesses grow their social media presence and increase brand awareness.

Why animation services are important for your business

In a digital world where people are constantly bombarded by content on a day-to-day basis, animation services can help your brand to stand out from the competition to promote products and services effectively. It is also a great way to improve your brand’s social media presence as it can be easily integrated with social media – helping you reach your target audience better.

Animation services such as 2D animation or animated explainer videos have the ability to educate and engage audiences through entertainment. Unfortunately, plain and boring videos just don’t cut it anymore in this fast-paced content led generation that we live in. Whether you are a small business looking to convey your brand’s story, or a large corporation that wants to launch a new product, animation can do the magic for you!

The different types of video animation services you can use for your business

1. 3D Animation

3D animation is the process of using motion to bring images to life within a three-dimensional space with a lot more depth and dimension. 3D animation has the ability to portray realistic settings, character animations and objects – allowing for a more immersive type of animation. Hence, making it one of the most applicable animation styles for any type of industry. Not to mention how eye-catching the visuals are that can make your animated video memorable and engaging.

For a better visual understanding, here’s Superpixel’s take on this animation style that was used for Singapore’s Health and Promotion Board campaign against the incorrect use of antibiotics. The campaign was successful in educating the public and the video received so much love that it ended up being the 4th most-watched YouTube video ad in Singapore from July to December 2018!

2. 2D Animation

Compared to 3D animation, 2D animation is more flat and two-dimensional and can be produced at a much faster rate than the former. 2D animation is a popular animation style used especially for marketing purposes as it allows messages to be conveyed easily whilst still keeping it visually engaging. Moreover, because of its reasonable prices, 2D animation is a budget-friendly option for smaller businesses who are looking to use animation services and get the best bang for their buck.

Check out this stunning example of a 2D animated video done by the animation team at Superpixel for McDonald’s Family Mental Wellness Campaign. In this animated project, the storyline was presented through vivid and eye-catching illustrations to communicate a heartfelt message – engaging viewers throughout the entire video while evoking an emotional connection to create a lasting impression. The use of 2D animation is a great way to depict sensitive topics like mental health as it can be a more appropriate medium for informing viewers.

3. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is an easy way to relay information since people tend to learn better when a topic is visually explained. It features an illustrator physically drawing static images on a whiteboard or a white background in real time where information is presented in smaller chunks – making it easier to take in and understand. This animation service is quick, clear and simple yet extremely effective at presenting information. Here’s Superpixel’s example of a whiteboard animation showcasing AXA’s Explainer Video that educates people on the importance of having insurance.

4. Motion Graphics Animation

This animation service is a type of animated graphic design that involves the movements of texts, brand logos, simple graphics and is usually accompanied by a voiceover. Motion graphics animation is typically used to outline and emphasize certain information in videos which can be a great tool for companies who want to keep a more sophisticated tone. Here’s Superpixel’s take on this type of animation for Epson’s Be Cool Heat Free printer explainer video that showcases the product’s features with simple animations.

5. Mixed Media Animation

Mixed media animation is a combination of animation with live-action video that allows for the best of both worlds. This animation service has the ability to enhance the video to another level by overlaying animation. It is a great choice for brands who want to keep a human connection whilst adding an innovative twist that will surely increase engagement. Here’s an example of mixed media animation we created for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thailand.

6. Kinetic Typography Animation

This type of animation involves the movements of texts integrated with fonts, colours and sound effects to enhance its appeal. It is a great way to tackle audiences who usually opt for soundless viewing as people can just read the texts on the screen. Watch this example of this video animation done by the creative team at Superpixel for a Singlife Campaign to get a better understanding of this type of animation service.

The advantages of using animation services to achieve your marketing goals

Now that you are familiar with the different types of animation services available, here are some key points on why you should use animation services to create customized animated videos that will help you scale your business.

1. Boosts social media engagements

As our attention spans become shorter and shorter, animation services like 2D and 3D animation are an ideal solution for this issue. Undoubtedly, animated videos are appealing to a wider audience – be it children, adolescents or adults, animation can grab a user’s attention seamlessly because of its stunning visuals and entertaining nature.

Hence, users spend more time interacting with your animated video instead of scrolling past it – keeping them watching until the end and retaining user attention. Especially in this social media era that we live in, attention-grabbing videos are more likely to be shared, which increases exposure and ultimately improves your brand awareness.

2. Cost-effective

Despite popular belief, animation services are actually more budget-friendly when compared to live-action videos. This is because live-action productions require real-life actors, set design, camera equipment along with a professional production team in order to produce a high-quality production video.

On the contrary, you will only need to hire an animation video company to create an animated video for your marketing campaigns which will be more cost-efficient and effective. In addition, animations can always be reused and modified without having to start a new one from scratch and repurposed for future marketing campaigns. If you do not have an in-house team to create your desired animated video, you can look for an animation studio to outsource animation services from.

3. Time-saving

As aforementioned, live-action productions require a lot of effort and resources to produce the final video. This can take a longer duration for planning and completion due to the time spent on the logistics of hiring actors, finding suitable set locations and coordinating calendars. Whereas an animated video will take lesser time to produce, create, edit, customize and upload – saving valuable time and maximising your assets.

4. Helps your business stand out from the rest

With the saturation of content on the internet, businesses need to constantly look for innovative ways to make a memorable impression and entice potential customers. Video animation has the ability to do that through fun and eye-catching visuals or even through evoking an emotional connection that is relatable. Some might even find video animation to evoke feelings of nostalgia as animations are frequently used in cartoons or childhood films and movies. 3D animation characters are also a great way for businesses to increase brand recognition and recall whilst differentiating your brand from the rest.

5. Limitless possibilities

Animation services allow you to bring whatever ideas and concepts you have in mind to become a reality. There are no limits when it comes to animation – it can be fully customized to breathe life just as how you imagined it to be. You can create your own animated characters, explore your imagination and even make a dog fly – if you can think it, you can animate it.

It is a superb way to enhance marketing campaigns to make them more entertaining and fun. And the best possible light of it all is that you are in control of everything! From controlling every motion to the colour of your characters and even the desired effects that you want – animation services allow for great flexibility throughout the entire production process.

6. Versatile

If you don’t know it yet, animation is an extremely versatile medium that can be widely used in many different forms. Whether it is for an ad, short film, music video, television series, corporate videos or even for educational purposes – you name it!

Another advantage of using animation services is that they can be reused and modified to fit any marketing campaign that you have planned for the future. It just takes a team of animators and professional editing skills to do the trick and you will be able to keep up with the times on all the latest trends you need.

7. Easily explains complex concepts

Animation primarily uses appealing visuals and sound effects entertainingly in the shortest amount of time – allowing the explanation of complex ideas and concepts to be simple and easily understood. Because it is fun and engaging, information expressed through an animated video is generally easier to digest. Hence, allowing the message of the video to be retained much better in comparison to boring dry videos that require a whole lot of reading.

In addition, animation can help convey messages with an appropriate and informative tone. This is a great approach for when you need to talk about difficult topics or portray distressing visuals that may be too overbearing through live-action videos.

Use animation services to grow your brand

At Superpixel, we are an animation studio that specialises in a wide range of video animation services including 2D and 3D animation, character animation, infographics, explainer video, product animation and so much more.

Whether you aim to showcase a product, tell a story, or simply grab the attention of your target audience, our experienced team of animators will guarantee you the best video animation services. Visit our website to view our latest works and client success stories to see why you should consider using our animation services to grow your brand.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you visualise your brand through the power of animation today!