The rise of smartphones and social media platforms has altered how businesses market products and services. People now spend more time on their technological devices – changing the nature of marketing. In order to keep up with the digital world, businesses need to look for a better way to reach potential customers and one of the most effective ways is through video marketing and creating videos.

Video marketing has become one of the most impactful and feasible marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes. Especially with the rise of video content on the internet, marketers and brands need to create unique and engaging business videos in order to communicate with their target audiences.

Key takeaways

  • Videos are an effective marketing tool for businesses to leverage on to reach a wider range of audience.

  • Social media videos can be used to improve brand awareness, increase conversions and educate your audience on products and services effectively.

  • Videos are far more appealing than any other form of content on the internet which can help businesses engage customers.

  • There are many different types of videos that businesses can utilise to enhance their business and achieve their marketing goals.’

What is a Business Video?

A business video is typically any type of video content that is used for business activities. It can be produced to educate customers, explain a product or service, promote the business, increase conversions and the list goes on and on. There are many ways that businesses can leverage the use of videos – let’s take a look at the various types of videos you can use for your business needs.

Different Types of Business Videos

1. Social media video

Video content has become the best-performing type of content on social platforms, especially Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok. Social media platforms are an important tool for businesses and marketers to leverage – they can even help a small business to gain a competitive advantage over big corporations. Social media videos can be created for many different uses whether it is to build trust, promote products, improve social media presence, or even just solely for the purpose of entertainment.

Here are examples of social media videos that your brand can create:

Brand opening teaser for 2c2p

Social media is a useful platform that can help with improving brand awareness as people are more inclined to use social media to know more about a brand and its offers. Brand opening teaser videos are a great way to introduce your brand to the public and gain more exposure. Here’s a video project our team created for 2C2P’s brand opening teaser that briefly presents their fintech payment gateway services through 3D animation.

Chinese New Year Campaign video for samsonite

Social media allows brands the greater advantage of engaging potential customers and boosting visibility especially when there is high social traffic. This is why you see many businesses posting video content on social media during festive seasons in order to promote their products more effectively. As an example, here’s Superpixel’s take on Samsonite’s Chinese New Year campaign video that leveraged the international celebration to market its products.

2. Explainer video

Explainer videos are one of the most popular types of videos used by businesses as it helps to break down offerings and explain what they are in the shortest amount of time. An explainer video is simple and easy to understand which is a better way of informing viewers on a brand’s offers than reading long texts about your product description.

Here’s an example created by our team at Superpixel for Daikin’s maintenance service explainer video that thoroughly explains the services offered. In this video, 3D animation is used to illustrate the entire procedure of their maintenance service and explain how the service is carried out. This gives viewers a better understanding of what they will be spending their money on as well as educate potential customers on their offerings.

3. Instructional videos

Instructional videos are also similar to explainer videos as they explain the instructions on how a person can use the product or service. This type of video is typically used to educate the audience and may even be referred to as how-to videos. Businesses can leverage this type of video to promote offerings in a subtle manner. Here’s a perfect example of an explainer instructional video we created for Lazada’s sponsored solutions video that promotes their service by demonstrating how Lazada sellers can use those features to improve their business.

4. Promotional videos

A promotional video is used for the purpose of promoting a product, sales, or events. It is one of the best ways to sell business offerings to potential customers and increase conversions. A good promotional video is able to grab attention in order to keep the audience engaged in order to inspire action. Here is an example of a promotional video we created for Courts Singapore’s black friday and cyber monday sale event video.

In this video, our creative team at Superpixel used 2D animation to make the video enticing and eye-catching to inform the audience about the upcoming sale event. In order to make the video more appealing, the products sold by Courts Singapore were transformed into animated characters to showcase the products available during the sale to inform viewers what the promotional video offers.

5. Customer testimonial videos

One of the best ways to get your audience to trust your brand and offerings is through customer testimonial videos. The content of this video involves real people that are real buying customers talking about their experiences with a brand. Businesses use testimonial videos to build trust and credibility through authentic reactions. Just like the product reviews you see online but in a video format. This type of video is very popular among businesses and can be applied to any platform – whether it’s on social media, Facebook, Twitter or even on a brand website. Businesses can even utilise these videos as an ad on Facebook or Youtube to target new customers who are watching videos on these platforms.

6. Product videos

A product video is essentially a video where brands can show off their product’s features and details. You can find product videos anywhere and on any platform because it is the best way businesses can introduce their products to a wide range of audiences. The purpose of a product video is to inform customers about what the product can do and how it can solve their problems without having to physically view it in stores. Here’s an example by our creative team at Superpixel for Asus’ Zenbook 14 product video that uses 3D animation to showcase every detail of the product realistically.

Which type of business video should you go for?

When deciding on what type of video you want to create for your brand, you need to first identify the goal of the video. Is it to inform customers about a new product? Do you want your audience to get a better understanding of your services? Or is it just for the purpose of improving your brand awareness?

Once you have recognised the aim of your video you can then make a sound decision on deciding which type of videos will suit your marketing goals. There are also other factors you will need to take into account such as the budget, where is the best platform to reach your target audience, will you need to outsource services in order to create your video, and more.

Create your animated business video with us

In a world of boring and indiscreet sales pitches, animation will allow you to create appealing visuals to attract anyone’s attention and bring your envisioned ideas (literally anything you can think of) to life!

At Superpixel, we specialise in creating videos with animation that can be incorporated into any type of video to suit your business needs to give your video that added edge and stand out from your competitors.

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