You probably know that integrating infographics in your content is one of the finest methods to grab people’s attention. But, did you know that by making it into animated infographics, you can make it much more interesting?

By switching to animation mode, you can make your content stand out and gain certain advantages for your marketing plan. Additionally, 75% of marketers admitted that including visual assets in their digital marketing efforts drive their ROI (Return on investment).

Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign with Animated Infographic

What is an Animated Infographic?

An animated infographic is a static infographic that includes certain animated elements to provide the impression of movement and motion.

An animator can make an animated infographic by including interactive components, such as fluid transitions, or vibrant color splashes. The infographic’s elements may flash, fade, or move. By including subtle movements and experimenting with the infographic’s visual hierarchy, you may also draw attention to the most critical portions of your design.

Animated infographics are, in a nutshell, tools that can assist turn your material into an experience. It makes your viewers feel more involved, at home, and human. Additionally, it gives your story personality!

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The Benefit of Using an Animated Infographic

What impact does motion add to your infographics? These 5 reasons explain why it makes infographics more potent.

1. More Attracting

Images are more appealing to users than simple text. Creating animated infographics also increases the attraction of your content to Google due to its uniqueness and added value.

Keep in mind that the human eye is more drawn to movement. As a result, the animation will immediately recognize it in the middle of a news feed. It will also get further consideration.

2. Highlight What’s Crucial

The static infographic is bold and helps highlight particular data. But, an infographic can be made more palatable by animating the most important parts of the data.

3. It Makes Content Easier to Understand

Animation isn’t only about making things more visually appealing. It might be an excellent technique for improving comprehension. Creating motion or animation from your infographics is an easy approach to assist your reader digest and understanding the information in less time.

4. Increase Traffic

A text is significantly less likely to go popular than an animated infographic. 

Animated infographics are artistic works that pique readers’ curiosity and attention. As a result, they could drive a lot of traffic to your website, particularly to the pages where the infographics are posted.

5. Increased Brand Awareness

Due to their appealing visuals, animated infographics can strengthen a company’s visibility and brand image. It’s because consumers will become more familiar with your brand every time they see one of your infographics.

To make sure your infographics are highly branded, put your logo and name prominently displayed in all of your infographics. You should also use your brand’s colors and your own distinctive style. all the things that make you special!

The Benefit of Using an Animated Infographic

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You Can Recycle Your Static Infographic

Perhaps you have a good collection of static infographics and are completely familiar with them. You don’t need to throw out your infographics and start over with any cutting-edge technology, so don’t worry.

Animate your most effective infographics to reuse them. Take your already-fantastic idea and make it more interesting by including some moving parts. By updating your existing material, you can keep it fresh and increase its relevance.

Look at your current infographic first to determine which components can be animated. For example, you can create a chart with a number that zooms from 0 to 10,000 or shoot a red line through the chart’s roof. 

Just like with a static infographic, you will need to invest some time in planning if you are beginning fresh with a new idea and a new data set. Pick the infographic style that will most effectively and entertainingly present your data. The finest kinds of content for animation are explainers, tutorials, and process summaries.

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How to Create Animated Infographics?

Animated infographics are one of the most engaging tools marketers employ to overcome their target audience’s short attention span.

Though extremely effective, the usage of animated infographics is easy to go wrong. Poorly designed animated images might divert attention away from your main message or, worse, lead to disinformation. As a result, it makes sense to recruit a team of skilled animators to work alongside you.

Here at Superpixel, we can help you visualize your message with gorgeous animation, motion, and effects.

Superpixel has a team of expert animators that are always ready to produce new scenarios for your animated infographics. With so many different styles, colors, and themes to select from, you’re sure to find one that fits your brand or message.

Are you prepared to collaborate with Superpixel to create your own animated infographics? Contact our team now by clicking here. You can share your ideas and we’ll execute them!