Marketers are raving about the value of visual content – images, infographics, and videos are essential for communicating your brand’s story. Whatever you intend to promote, you should always include some type of visual marketing.

Types Of Visual Marketing You Need and Its Examples

Visual marketing assists you in depicting certain issues and concepts that would otherwise be difficult to approach with only text.

For example, look at this AIA video created by. How could the brand convey all of this knowledge with words alone? Isn’t it boring if it’s only by text?

AIA | Medishield Life Plan

Before you can completely reap the benefits of visual marketing, you must first grasp how to use it correctly.

Using photographs and videos wherever possible will not be enough, as a critical portion of the process relates to the planning and concept stages.

 Here is a list of the most popular types of visual marketing content.

What Are The Most Popular Types of Visual Marketing Content?

1. Images

Branded visual content, such as images or distinctive graphics, can be effective in a range of marketing platforms. This might be in the form of custom graphics, influencer photos, or user-generated images.

For example, these images produced by Superpixel are a way to create awareness among the audience. They are about safety tips against COVID-19.

2. Videos

Videos are one of the most effective visual marketing methods for eCommerce brands because they are a great way to catch attention and convey emotion.

According to a recent Wyzowl survey, videos helped enhance dwell durations, leads, and revenues for more than 80% of marketers. Another 90% indicated that their marketing videos enhanced brand awareness and yielded a high return on investment (ROI).

An explainer video is a type of visual marketing that is perfect for businesses that want to highlight a company’s products, services, or business ideas attractively and efficiently.

Daikin | Maintenance Service

This explanation video from Daikin is an example of an explainer video with a clear message. They explain that sometimes we forget that the air conditioner also needs to be kept cool.

To solve this problem, Daikin provides a solution for those of you who forgot to service the AC.

Typically, explainer video content uses animations, so viewers can quickly understand complex messages.

3. Infographics

Infographics use a combination of text and visual components to convey information in novel ways. Through data visualization, the emphasis is on conciseness and intuitiveness. They are extremely shareable, which means that people are drawn to them and often feel driven to share them on social media.

Check out this infographic illustrating the significance of clean air created for National Geographic X Dyson. 

National Geographic X Dyson | Clear the Air

Babies are more sensitive to unclean and dusty air, according to this animated infographic. Furthermore, this infographic stresses the existence of numerous potential ailments that can occur as a result of polluted air.

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4. Animation

Animation can be a powerful tool for bringing your brand’s story to life while also delivering value through information display. By utilizing many visual components such as colour, text, audio, movement, and so on, animation allows you to engage with viewers on a deeper level.

Animated training videos are also becoming increasingly popular as a way to answer frequently asked concerns about your product or service.

One video tutorial you can sample is Temasek’s on their Workspace Tech guide. This video has a clear step-by-step format on how to book a meeting room, invite external visitors, and collaborate during a meeting.

NCS | Temasek Work Space Tech

Also, this video has simple graphics and easy-to-read text making this topic easier to digest.


In short, visual marketing is an essential component of every marketing plan. It makes your company stand out and attracts more customers. Not only does visual material make text content easier to read and more memorable, but it can also be used to produce captivating statements using only a small portion of the content.

Right now, more marketers than ever require a deeper understanding of visual marketing management and attempt to improve their image and boost brand competitiveness.

So, what are you holding out for? It’s time to get things going. Bring this unique experience to your audience as soon as possible. 

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