To survive in competitive industry landscapes, a company should serve what is truly wanted by its customers. If you want to promote your business to increase brand awareness or explain how a new product works, a corporate video can be the perfect tool. 

Corporate videos are carefully crafted videos designed to promote a brand, product, or service (or even all those three).

Corporate videos are so effective that businesses that use them can increase their revenue 49% faster each year than businesses that don’t use them. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about corporate videos; its importance to a brand, tips to produce one that stands out, and where to get your video done 

Corporate Videos: Why Is It Important For Brand Awareness

Why Corporate Video Is Important?

1. Showcase Your Products And Services Creatively

Engage your online audiences by creatively displaying your products and services in your corporate video. Though there are many ways to communicate your brand to your customers, video is one simple and flexible way to communicate your new product or services to your customers. Almost anything can be explained in your corporate video, from the history of the brands, stories about the products, its USPs, and many more within only 3 to 4 mins of video duration.

2. Increase Conversion Rate

Data says that if your landing page includes a corporate video, your buyer conversion rate will increase. 80% of web visitors are more likely to convert on a home page with videos compared to boring and wordy landing pages. Corporate videos engage website visitors and convert them into customers. Believe it or not, videos have a huge impact on the online buying journey.

3. Expand Your Business Reach

Professionally crafted corporate videos can highlight your brand identity to the public. By having your corporate videos on your website or social media, you engage more of your customers and clients. Simultaneously, this will give you strong brand awareness which can generate more business revenue. Especially if you create a corporate video with the “it” factor that brings your brand across platforms and dimensions. 

4. Get Higher Search Engine Rankings

Videos for business and education are the most preferred content on search engines. Videos tend to get the highest results on search engines like Google and Bing. If you have a landing page embedded with a corporate video along with transcription and tags, it’s 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google Search.

With professionally crafted corporate videos, people will recognize your brand better and help it grow greater. 

5. Create Better Engagement

Corporate videos should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Create interesting videos about your brand and share them with your followers on social media. It helps drive organic traffic to your website, engage your content online, and educate consumers on social media platforms. Use a mobile-first strategy to ensure your videos are also optimized for mobile devices.

6. Tell A Story About Your Brand

A corporate video is a great medium to communicate what your brand stands for. With the help of our experienced video production team, we can design scripts and storyboards that will grab your audience’s attention online. Use corporate videos to tell your brand’s story and the benefits of using your products. In general, consumers absorb information much faster from the videos as compared to word articles because it engages both visual and auditory senses thus resulting in higher brand awareness.

Why Corporate Video Is Important?

How To Make Corporate Videos More Interesting?

1. Using Dynamic Camerawork

Technically speaking, there is no reason to put your camera on a tripod. Moving shots make your video feel more dynamic. Remember that you can use moving shots to make your videos clearer and more informative. You can explain your product journey with, let’s say, one or a series of moving shots as a sort of introduction. From there, you can subdivide different parts of the process as needed.

2. Animate Your Logo

For those of you who think that a logo card with simple fading black and white animation is still an acceptable way to grab the attention of your audience, you couldn’t be more wrong. You lost your audience before the video even started.

Be creative with your logo animation so you can “wow” your audience from the very beginning of your video. This will hold their attention long enough until the next interesting part.

3. Ask Questions Rather Than Reading Scripts

Everything often starts with a basic script and story. Before you jump into filming, ask yourself who will be your audience and what kind of message they wanted to see. What are they most interested in and can you put that as your video’s central message? What are their needs? What answer can you provide?

Asking your audience key questions frequently helps grab their attention and make them stay for more. From there, you can develop their interest and answer what they want and need to know.

4. Get Creative With Color Palette

Color is a powerful tool in storytelling. Think about what the colors around you mean: red and yellow are warm, blue is “trustworthy”, pink gives a relaxing vibe, and so on. Match the color with your brand and what you are trying to convey. 

5. Music is Key

The power of music in every video cannot be underestimated. Music has a strong grip on our thoughts and emotions and can change our perceptions without us even realizing it. The lively and upbeat soundtrack gives your video a power it doesn’t have when there’s no music. When editing your videos, find interesting instrumental music that brings the mood and tone you’re looking for. 

6. Throw Away Unnecessary Parts

Don’t hesitate to cut away parts of your video. Though they may be the hardest ones to prepare or shoot, you can’t force it into your corporate videos if they don’t align with the overall narratives and vibes.


Corporate videos are important to get your messages across to your audience. With high-quality content, you can showcase your product or services creatively, increase conversion rate, expand business reach, get higher search engine rankings online, create better engagement, and you can tell the brand’s story. 

Define your brand through design and storytelling in your corporate videos. Make an interesting corporate video that will never be forgotten by your audience. Even without internal capabilities, you can make quality content for your audience by engaging an experienced video production company. 

All in all, there is no better moment to showcase your brand with a corporate video but now. And if you are still not sure how to get started with corporate videos, we at Superpixel are ready to help you.