Are you looking for ways how you can improve your online presence or promote your services? Do you have new products that you want customers to know and best of all, to influence them to look at and buy them? Then you may consider utilising animated videos for your next marketing campaign.

Many businesses now are choosing animated commercial videos to promote and increase their online presence which is not only limited to mainstream television.

Read on as we share and inspire you to take your marketing ideas to something original that is not only confined to traditional advertising content.

We will look at some of the most beautifully crafted and memorable animated commercials that big brands have used to take their marketing campaign to the next level.

Here’s Why You Should Use Commercial Cartoon In Marketing Campaign

What is an Animated Commercial?

Before we look at the best animated commercials to draw inspiration from, and why your business should have too, let’s first define what an animated commercial video is.

An animated commercial is a short video of 30 seconds or more that explains product information or services. Animated video commercials can promote your company, brand, or a specific service or product. Moreover, it includes lovable characters and a compelling storyline that can appeal to any audience.

Animated commercials typically begin by discussing a problem before moving right into the solution. They opt for a strong call to action towards the end once they have sufficiently captured their potential client’s attention in the first few seconds.

A good animated ad makes it clear that they’re marketing a product, and why you’d best buy it, unlike other animated videos. This is because of the fascinating storylines to sell their product or service. Many brands and companies use animated video commercials to achieve any or all of the following marketing goals we will cover below.

Here are the main marketing goals of animated commercial videos.

1. Brand Awareness

Producing a commercial video is one of the effective ways to reach a new audience. Animated commercial aims to raise awareness about the company or the new product, unlike explainer videos that mostly target existing customers.

A statistic reported by Optinmonster stated that video marketers achieve a 54% increase in their brand awareness. In addition, a survey by Animoto said that 93% of marketers gain a new client because of social media videos. And a good example of social media videos that you can use is animated advertising videos.

2. Conversion Increase

Animated commercial videos are excellent content that can be shared on various media platforms. Videos are becoming more widespread among users across all platforms. They anticipate seeing more video content, whether it be on blogs, Instagram videos, or YouTube. In fact, according to a survey published by Animoto, consumers prefer to see videos from brands on social media.

Finally, in the 2018 State of Social Video Marketer Trends report, 73% of consumers say that a brand’s social media presence has influenced their decision to buy a product or service.

3. Sales Increase

According to the most recent video marketing data from Wyzowl, 86% of marketing professionals utilise videos as marketing tools. These marketing experts believe that video content has the potential to help them expand their businesses. The majority of them (78%) claim that videos have directly increased sales, while 86% claim that videos have increased website traffic.

4. Product Launch

Animated ads are an excellent tool to inform the audience about new products and services while explaining their features. Most of the time, an animated video can explain even the most complex ideas to the users making the product or service easy to understand and appealing to the consumers.

In the next section, we will look at the use of animated videos to promote products and services by businesses and brands in the early years.

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History of Animated Commercial Videos

Using animated commercial videos is not new in brand awareness and product or service promotion. The Botany Mills ties used animated commercials back in the early 1940s with a Botany Lamb cartoony commercial.

History of Animated Commercial Videos

Since then, the use of cartoon ads became popular, especially in the 1950s. For example, Frosted Flakes and Mr Clean created mascots for their product labels and TV commercials. In the 1940s to 1950s, the use of animated commercials was so popular for breakfast cereal products and even had cartoon mascots to appeal to younger audiences.

It is understandable why cartoon advertisements are still extremely popular. This is because of the way animated characters and stories are created entertainingly and compellingly helping businesses and brands inform the public about their products and services. An animated video is one of the most effective techniques to promote your product, introduce your brand, and provide the audience with a memorable and brand-associated short story.

A wider audience will undoubtedly be drawn in by relatable and attractive characters, and by captivating and dynamic stories. Lastly, cartoon advertising is an effective approach to engage a younger audience, particularly children.

Why do you Need an Animated Video for your Marketing Efforts?

Using animated commercials for a brand or product promotion is a great strategy that almost all businesses can use across media platforms. These animated commercials are easy to understand and can be easily shared on various social media platforms.

Unlike traditional live-action commercial videos, animated ads can easily relate to almost any audience with their unique and fun characters with entertaining short stories that can be remembered and resonate with viewers.

The best part is that there is no limit to animated commercials. Working with an animated video production company can help you visualise your ideas and turn these visions into reality through these animated videos. Even the most complex ideas can be explained easily so that any viewer can understand better.

Check out Superpixel’s animated ad created for The National Healthcare Group in Singapore where the medical term “dyslipidemia” was explained through an animated explainer video.

Most of the time, animated commercials can appeal to a wider audience of all ages. Almost everyone enjoys watching cartoons. It is fun, entertaining, and easy on the eyes. Furthermore, kids will be fascinated by fun and bright colours that are often associated with animated commercial videos and adults can look back and recognise cartoon videos they once enjoy during their childhood.

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Animated Commercial Examples

Let’s now look at some of the best animated commercial videos your business can get inspiration from. You may find the perfect animated commercial you’re looking for for your next brand or product launch.

1. Redmart

This 10-second animated commercial video produced for Redmart by Superpixel is successful in raising its brand awareness. The huge success of the campaign was attributed to its short and clear call-to-action message that describes in a funny but relatable way of inconvenient scenarios of every shopper.

The video garnered over a million views with a high view-through rate due to its short duration. And with the help of the animated commercial video, Redmart was able to increase its brand awareness due to its short and relatable ads.

2. McDonald’s Mobile App Launch

This simple 35-second animated video introduces McDonald’s new mobile app sharing its features using popular movie characters and how families and friends can share a meal through its mobile app.

The animated commercial was able to reach a whopping seven million downloads within two years after it was launched by this giant fast-food brand.

3. Oreo Wonderfilled Great White Shark

And who can forget this animated commercial from Oreo and its catchy tunes? This animated commercial definitely deserves a spot on the list as this showed relatable and entertaining characters to watch along with the song performed by Owl City. The message of this animated ad truly resonates with the audience and would easily remember Oreo whenever you’re wanting to eat cookies.

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk

In this entertaining animated video commercial, Cadbury highlights the flavour and texture of its milk chocolate. The chocolate’s velvety flavour is enticing enough to make aliens dance.

Not to mention, the upbeat dancing and background music keep this commercial animation in our memories. There is no doubt why this video has now more than 49,188,090 views on YouTube.

We may learn from this Cadbury cartoon commercial that you should occasionally use a funny but direct strategy to win the hearts of your potential customers.

5. Coca-Cola Happiness Factory

Who hasn’t watched this video ad yet? This classic animated commercial launched in 2006 from Coca-Cola takes us through a vending machine that brings us into the magical world of these memorable characters that worked hard to deliver a chilled, bottled Coca-Cola to the outside world. It is indeed a work of art that entails a fantasy storyline with an amazing production of 3D animation and intricate details.


You can learn a useful animation tip or two from each of these big brands, get a great concept for your own commercial, or simply enjoy and feel good while watching these amazing animations. Some of these commercials were produced years ago, but they still appear modern and relatable.

You can see how some of the patterns in animated advertisements for 2023 are comparable to those from earlier years. From those well-known animated ad examples, we can see that advertising can be entertaining aside from promoting your products and services.

We hope that these imaginative animated video ads will inspire you to come up with even more great, unique, and fresh ideas! Start now and create your animated commercial video. Let your fresh ideas stand out and connect to your audience!

And if you need help with that, our talented team of creatives will support you in finding the most creative ways to communicate your thoughts and messages to the world!