The onboarding process can be one of the toughest jobs for HR departments. Moreover, if your company undergoes a hiring boom, where multiple new employees onboard at the same time. This can make your HR team become overwhelmed. This is when the welcome video can help your onboarding process become more efficient. 

So what is a welcome video? In this article, we’ll be discussing the welcome video and how to use it to bring the best out of your onboarding process. 

Welcome Video: A Beneficial Tool for Onboarding Process

What is Welcome Video

A welcome video for onboarding is also known as an orientation video. This video is used by employers to communicate their core values. A welcome video can also be used to introduce new hires to their fellow staff members and also a glimpse of what to expect from their new working place. 

A good welcome video for onboarding must consist of these elements, such as:

  • Right content that accommodates your company culture

  • Company structure

  • Company History

  • Company values, vision, and mission statement

  • Organizational policy

  • Other information (benefits entitlement, retirement and health plans, etc)

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The Purpose of A Welcome Video

A recent study showed that 80% of new employees thought that videos make the onboarding process easier for employees. Onboarding videos can be used to convey information, including:

1. A real-life picture of your company’s ways of working

You can input walk-throughs of your team projects, meetings, briefings, etc in your onboarding video to help the new hires to understand the working ways of your company better. 

2. Inner workings of the company culture

Create a better understanding of your company by having the founder explain the history and culture of the company. Your current employees can also share their views of things, so new hires will have an idea about the rules and responsibilities throughout the company. 

3. Details of employee working day

The fun and interesting visual context of the video can help you explain better how a job is supposed to look in action. You can use animation for your employees in relevant departments. 

4. More understandable job description

Written information can be more challenging for employees to pick up on various nuances and expectations. Videos can provide far more memorable insights for the new hires about what’s expected of their performance in the company. 

5. Organization’s impact on the community

A video can help you show your company’s contribution to society. This then can give the new hires a sense of greeted meaning and engagement with the company. 

The Purpose of A Welcome Video

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Benefits of Welcome Video for Your Onboarding Process

Below are some benefits of a welcome video for your onboarding process. 

1. Video Can Be Used Repeatedly

By simply creating one onboarding video, you can use it over and over to ensure every new recruiter you onboarded has the same knowledge and has gone through the same experience. You can also save money by creating an onboarding video as you only need to make a one-time investment to produce one onboarding video which you can repeatedly reuse in the future. 

2. Video Can Speed Up Productivity

A message from a video can be absorbed 95% better than the written word, which only retained a message for 10%. By having your message absorbed better, your new hires can become more productive as they understand your message better and faster. Research also showed that video can lead to a 70% increase in staff productivity. 

You can also give these new hires access to the video before they arrive. Upload your video online and invite the new hires to watch it in the week before they start working. This can help them learn more about your company and feel prepared when they come into the company. Your new hires also can feel more engaged with you before they even start coming to the company. 

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Start Creating Your Very Own Welcome Video

Now that you understand what makes a great and efficient onboarding video, it’s time you create your welcome video for your new hires. Make an interesting and engaging welcome video that will be memorable for your new hires. Start by consulting with an experienced video production company to have the most suited welcome video for your company. You can start creating your new hires’ onboarding video series with Superpixel. 

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