What is Video Production?

Along with the development of technology, nowadays everything is done in a multimedia and digital way. This change in digitization brings convenience, simplicity, and practicality to doing various things in everyday life. One form of digitalization that is currently booming is video production. Video production is a multimedia business that deals with video needs.

Video production is almost the same as filmmaking but has a different recording method because it is recorded digitally via computer files. Stored on optical hard drives, SSDs, and memory cards instead of film stock.

All You Need To Know About Video Production

In the making process, video production goes through three stages, namely pre-production, production, and post-production. In the pre-production stage, all the planning for making videos is carried out. In the production stage, a video is made. Finally, at the post-production stage, editing and finishing are carried out on videos that have been made at the production stage. Then the video will be distributed digitally via the internet.

There are various types of video production that are developing in the multimedia world, ranging from corporate videos, and brand videos, to product launch videos. The video production business is run by a production house. Video production is not only about video editing but also considering the client and audience. Clients from video production are quite diverse, ranging from event organizers, promoters, companies, and so on. 

This allows companies and others who can’t create videos to still carry out their marketing and other needs using video. This video will help improve their image, as well as inform their products and services.

To be successful in video production, videos must be well-targeted and properly distributed to reach a wider audience. The video must also show the potential of a business, company, or another thing that is the main topic in the video. Target videos at specific demographics and distribute your videos on the right platforms to reach the maximum number of viewers who might be interested in your product or service.


Types of video production

Many types of animated video production can be tailored to the needs of the client and consider the target audience. Here are some types of animated video production.

1. Product launch

Product launch videos are short videos that serve to attract the attention of the audience and communicate the capabilities of the launched product in an interesting and fun way.

Panasonic 3D animation compilation

2. Brand video

A brand video is video marketing content used for marketing by a brand.

Landlease | Level Up

3. 3D visualization

3D visualization is a process where graphic content is created using 3D software. Read more about 3D Visualtization here.

Daikin | Comprehensive Contract

4. Corporate video

Corporate video production is created based on various corporate objectives such as corporate communications, corporate training and education, conferences, company products and services, and company sales. In addition, corporate video production can also cover corporate event videos.

SGX Investor Portal

5. Interactive content

Interactive content has active engagement by its audience. Interactive content empowers audiences not to be passive viewers but to be part of a dynamic two-way experience.

Rainforest Animal Planet

6. Event promo

Video production can be used in various promotional events such as sports, schools, shows, churches, weddings, and various other events for event documentation needs.

RWS CNY Gala 2020


Why choose video production?

Video production is an important communication tool and can be considered by companies or other parties. People are easier to accept and remember information presented through interesting audio and visuals. When using only audio, people are often not interested in listening. Video production offers the best medium for anyone to get a message across to anyone.

Video can positively influence a business. People tend to stay on the web or social media longer than usual when they get a video to watch. Life in this all-digital era also makes video content so global on various platforms that can be found every day. That way, the video becomes a medium that can be used to produce content that encourages creativity and attracts people’s attention.

Choosing the right production house

Nowadays, people prefer video views over static images so video content can influence people more in modern marketing strategies. Images and sound accompanied by interesting storytelling make the video not only a marketing medium but also a means of entertainment for the audience. The choice of a production house determines the quality of your video. In addition, the selection of this production house will also affect the delivery of your message to the audience.

Each production house must have its characteristics and advantages. You have to pay attention to the portfolio they have. Learn the characters of the production house you are going to work with and make sure they can make the video you want.

The duration of making a video production that takes a long time makes you have to work quite intensely with them for a long time. Your chemistry with the production house team is crucial. Deliver your ideas and invite the team to chat and discuss many things, don’t hesitate to explore how their system works. In this way, you will get good chemistry so that there is no miscommunication in the making of the work. You will also get a good final result.

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