Unlike profit-making businesses, nonprofits do not generate any profit. Nonprofit organizations exist for the purpose of improving the quality of life for others and serving the public good. This can be anything from eradicating poverty to tackling climate change and plastic pollution. However, increasing awareness of specific important causes may be difficult to do so considering the saturated online landscape that we currently live in. People are more informed about the latest products in the market rather than the problems that the world is facing. One of the effective ways that nonprofit organizations can combat this is to leverage nonprofit video marketing as a primary channel. By producing compelling video content, you can have a better chance of catching audiences’ attention to help your mission.

In this article, we will discuss how non profits can leverage video production companies and the benefits of using videos to raise funds and awareness.

Key Takeaways

  • Nonprofit video production is an effective tool for nonprofit organizations to stand out in the digital scene and raise public awareness.

  • Explainer nonprofit videos are helpful mediums to explain and educate the public audience about important causes and missions.

  • Creating a non profit video can benefit fundraising campaigns and reach more potential donors because it is a highly shareable medium.

How can video production help nonprofit organizations?

Benefits of video production for non profit organizations

1. Educate audiences

One of the most important aspects for non profit organizations is to educate the public about specific social problems that government bodies are not fulfilling. And what better way to do this than through video storytelling? Nonprofit explainer videos are the best mediums to convey your organization’s message or story to the public. They are informative and have the ability to tell powerful stories, inspire, connect and captivate audiences simultaneously. This makes them a great tool for nonprofit organizations to explain to their audience about a particular cause or even about the organization itself.

2. Build awareness

Videos are shareable and can be applied to almost anywhere you want them to be, making them great tools for raising awareness. Whether it’s on social media, a website’s homepage, in emails or even advertisements. Especially now, people prefer watching videos compared to other forms of media to obtain information – which is why video marketing is an effective tool that marketers are leveraging on in this era. The more engaging and interesting a video is, the more likely it will be shared around. Through nonprofit video production, organizations are able to quickly and efficiently spread the word and reach a wider audience to raise the public’s awareness about their mission.

3. Raise funds

Non profit video production can be extremely powerful for fundraising campaigns in order to drive donations. Videos with compelling storytelling can ignite an emotional connection and leave a lasting impact on its viewers. Multiple studies have shown that people tend to rely on their emotions rather than information to make decisions – making them powerful drivers for decision-making. This means that nonprofit videos can influence decisions and urge people to take action – providing motivation for people to donate money to an organization’s cause. Moreover, as aforementioned – videos are shareable which also makes them highly effective in reaching potential donors.

4. Showcase your success

As nonprofit organizations rely solely on donations and volunteers, it is important to build trust and allow people a better insight into what the organization has achieved. With nonprofit videos, you can visually show your audience any past projects or events that have been done. This allows people to know more about how your organization is helping the world. Videos can help nonprofits showcase their success to build trust and relieve skepticism. They are also a great tool to share inspiring stories which can help to drive more participation and involvement – helping your organization attract more advocates to further support your mission.

5. Show appreciation

Videos are a good way to thank your community and show your appreciation to the people that have helped your nonprofit organization work towards its mission. This allows you to show the impact of your supporters and express your gratitude which can help you form stronger connections. You can even create video content that showcases your staff and all the volunteers that are involved. By doing this, it enables other people to see the faces behind the organization and humanize your organization.

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Tips for creating a good nonprofit video

1. Use call-to-actions

Call-to-actions are crucial for a nonprofit video to serve its purpose. It tells viewers what they can do to help and contribute to your cause. For example, you can create compelling fundraising videos but without a call-to-action, the chances of someone donating to your mission are lower. Whether it is to raise funds, encourage participation or even to share a video, adding a call-to-action will help in prompting viewers to take action.

2. Invest in a nonprofit video production company

Compelling videos require high-quality production in order to appeal to the public eye. Although it may seem redundant, hiring a nonprofit video production company may just be the investment you need. A good nonprofit video is able to provide numerous benefits – just like we’ve mentioned above. Which can help your nonprofit organization grow and impact your mission for the better.

3. Take advantage of animation

Animation has become increasingly popular in the marketing industry over the years and for good reason. Animation has the upper advantage of creating compelling and creative visuals that are more likely to catch a person’s attention compared to live videos that use real people. This is extremely important because in order to reach a wider audience and spread awareness, your video has to be able to grab attention and appeal to the viewers. If you want your nonprofit video to be able to reach more people, creating a nonprofit animation video can easily be a solution to this and will lead to greater engagement.

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