Even if we live in an internet era, where social media and mobile devices are so popular, this does not mean television is no longer relevant. TV remains popular regardless of what recent technology brings. More people are still interested in turning on their television and watching their favourite news channels or TV shows. 

This is also why TV or television commercials are still regarded as one of the ways to advertise products and services worldwide.

What is TVCs Meaning?

Before we find out why TVC is still relevant today, let us define what TVC is. TVC or television commercial is an advertisement made using television to promote products, services, persons, or organizations. The television commercial aims to market a product, service, or idea to convince the audience to take action. 

The process of producing a television commercial depends on the type of campaign that an organization wants to showcase to the market.

Production of a TV Commercial 

The type or format of a television commercial varies, but producing one involves basic steps that every video production house follows. The most popular choice for TV commercials is a 60-second spot because it allows brands and businesses to convey a message compared to a 30-second spot. A 60-second spot may be pricier, but it is a great way to establish a brand or product.

Stages of TVC production

The critical stages of producing a TV commercial include pre-production, production, and post-production. The pre-production stage of a TV commercial is where you prepare what is needed for shooting. The production stage is where the shooting of each scene happens. Lastly, the post-production stage is where the arrangement of all the scenes shots is edited together to make a commercial.

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But why are TV Commercials still relevant?

Now that we have learnt a bit of a background about TVC or television commercials, let’s find out why they are still relevant despite other media platforms’ existence. When done correctly, television commercials have the power to persuade and inspire.

Here are more reasons why TV commercials are still relevant.

1. Reaches Wider and Larger Audiences

No other media is as powerful and has longevity as television, despite how influential other mediums are. In particular, TV is the most popular source of information for consumers who wish to learn about the newest products.

A perfect combination of audio and visual elements reaches viewers with ease. Because of this, developing a high-quality television commercial allows you to effectively win new clients, win over new supporters, and increase revenues.

Watching TV is still the best choice to entertain, persuade, and even promote awareness of businesses and brands or ideas to the public. It has been proven for years that TV commercials in Singapore were one of the most successful ways of connecting to new and existing customers. 

2. Influences to Take Action

According to a recent poll, 10% of customers have chosen to do an online product search after seeing a television commercial or advertisement. Even the younger generation, between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four, show interest in a particular item after watching it on television.

Additionally, TV shows were among the main factors in buyers’ decisions. It is intriguing that when users saw a particular product on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, only 2% were convinced to take action.

3. Boosts Credibility

Television is crucial for online businesses. A brand can boost its credibility by appearing on television. Compared to online advertising, TV commercials initially expose brands to a bigger audience. This is why all other forms of promotion are also influenced by television commercials.

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What’s next for TV Commercials?

Brands today are thinking of ways to adapt strategies and engage with consumers in new directions. But one form that is constantly evolving is television. Television medium provides opportunities for consumers to watch and for brands to reach potential customers. 

The media continues to adapt new ways to introduce products and services, SuperPixel Singapore can offer creative ways to visualize your business ideas to help you stand out from the competition. Contact us today and let us help your business ideas turn into new and exciting ways of promoting your business.