Throughout the years, videos have become one of the best mediums to relay information across the globe due to its effective ability to include both visual and auditory content – allowing for efficient information processing and memory recall. 

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, many users are increasingly turning to videos to learn new skills and gain information because of the physical restrictions that do not allow for face-to-face learning. Hence, the rise of videos as a learning medium has attracted the attention of companies and corporations to utilize training videos as a way to train employees and customers on a wide range of topics. 

Key takeaways

  • The rise of video consumption has paved the way for corporations to use training videos as an alternative to traditional in-person training.

  • Training videos can improve employee work productivity, performance and job satisfaction.

  • Animated training videos are a great investment for companies to ensure successful training for its engaging, versatile and cost effective benefits.

What is a training video?

Training videos are essentially videos that are designed to educate individuals or groups on a specific topic with the ultimate goal of teaching a particular skill or knowledge in order to solve a problem. In simpler terms, training videos are used to teach a person on how to do something. This type of video is commonly used for employee training or customer training within organizations to improve work efficiency. 

Why are training videos important for businesses?

Employee training is an integral part of any organization to improve employee retention, foster a better company culture and enhance employee performance. In addition, it can also positively influence employee’s work motivation and job satisfaction. Employees who receive necessary training will perform better in their jobs, reduce employee turnover and in turn, increase business profits.

Training videos are a great tool to help businesses communicate and break down complex information that allows for better processing and engagement to its employees. This is because people tend to remember information better through watching a video compared to reading written materials. It is a much more effective tool for training employees and is a viable option even for companies who are working in hybrid settings or hiring employees who work remotely. 

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Benefits of using training videos

1. Increased engagement

When it comes to employee training, it is important that your employees are engaged throughout the entire session in order to understand and absorb the information so it can be applied in their work. More importantly, in this current digital era that we live in, the average human attention span is getting significantly shorter. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to invest in creating engaging training videos.

Animated videos can be a great choice when it comes to creating employee training videos because of its eye-catching and attention grabbing abilities. Here’s an example of a training video our team at Superpixel created for one of our clients on the importance of workplace safety and health. In this video, 3D animation was incorporated with a live-action video to increase engagement through appealing and realistic visual elements that portray real-life situations employees experience when working. 

2. Better retention

Training videos have a greater ability to present information in a way that is much more memorable and enjoyable that allows employees to stay focused and retain knowledge better. Videos are a more memorable medium than written training materials because it provides both visual and auditory stimuli that helps with information processing. As a matter of fact, the human brain processes 80% of information visually because our brains are more attracted to visuals than written texts. 

Moreover, training videos allow employees to easily rewatch the videos whenever they need to refresh their memory on certain topics if retention is lost – which cannot be achieved through in-person trainings. 

3. Can be customized

The great thing about using training videos is the fact that it is absolutely customizable and can be easily updated without having to create a new one from scratch every single time there is a new update. It is also an added benefit if you have similar training content for specific departments within the company as each training video can be edited and reused to fit the training needs of each department.

4. Lowers the cost of training

Training employees can be costly – especially if it requires your company to hire a third-party instructor and rent an event space for training sessions to take place. Even if you are able to utilize an existing employee to do the training, it can be counter-productive for the employee to conduct trainings instead of focusing on their daily tasks. 

Training videos can significantly reduce these costs and provide more advantages to your company. As it only takes a one time investment to create training videos, this allows it to be reused every single time your company hires a new employee. Training videos can also be easily shared through the internet – eliminating extra costs for travel expenses if you have remote employees working for your company. 

5. Versatile

Whether you are looking to create a training video for a specific department or for the entire organization, training videos are a versatile medium that can be applied to any topic. 

There are many ways training videos can be made to educate and train employees in:

  • Learning how to use softwares and tools

  • Informing workplace policies

  • Employee onboarding

  • Product training

  • Safety and health practices

  • Addressing workplace issues

  • Workplace etiquette

  • Customer service

In addition, there are a variety of styles you can utilize when creating a training video for example, live action video, 3D animation, 2D animation, motion graphics and whiteboard animated videos. Training videos are more versatile in both styles and purpose than the traditional in-person training.

6. Provides uniformed experience

When it comes to big corporations with hundreds of employees, in-person training needs to be divided into smaller batches and groups. Depending on the availability of instructors and differences in time schedules, you might even need to utilize different instructors for each training session. 

Hence, each training group may not receive the same training experience which is a common issue when it comes to in-person training. Whereas training videos eliminate these factors and will allow each employee to receive the same training experience and information equally – removing any discrepancies in training sessions. 

7. Measurable

The difficult part of any training session whether in-person or even through written materials is that the results are not measurable. This means that companies are unable to identify how many of their employees have actually engaged in the training as well as to what extent they have completed the training. 

However, with training videos this can be measured when videos are uploaded through video hosting providers. Companies can measure the number of views and minutes streamed by their employees to further understand the progress of these trainings. This is a great advantage for companies to ensure training takes place successfully and to identify any areas of improvement needed for future training purposes.

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Why you should use animation in training video productions

Animated training videos are one of the best ways to create engaging, informative and versatile training videos that can cater to any topic you would like to present. It is also a good choice for when you need to communicate sensitive or triggering workplace topics such as workplace bullying or harassment may be difficult to illustrate in a more appropriate tone.

Not only does it reduce the costs of in-person training, it is also a more budget friendly approach than live-action video productions. Furthermore, animated training videos are able to portray people and objects that illustrate real life situations comprehensively – allowing for a more effective training experience. Animated training videos are a worthwhile investment that will be beneficial for your business.

How Superpixel Can Help

We are a Singapore best animation studio that specializes in a variety of animation services to help businesses further enhance their performance. From 3D animation, 2D animation, whiteboard animation to motion graphics, we can bring your ideas to life. 

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create successful and effective animated training videos for your corporation.