What is the definition of a production house?

A production house or production company, or also called video production company, is a content-producing business, including films, television, music, video games, corporate films, etc. This term mostly refers to film production companies.

Singapore is one of the best destinations for video production as there are many top video production companies in Singapore.

What do production houses do?

Video production companies perform tasks of producing videos or content from pre-production to post-production.

Video production company’s projects may range from small-scale television productions to large full-length films, corporate videos, event videos, tutorial videos, brand videos, advertising and promotional materials, short films, and many other types of video production. But for sure, no matter what kind of project they’re doing, every video production company will assist numerous aspects of planning, shooting, marketing, advertising and publicity from pre-production to post-production to maximize their project.

Some of the things that a video production company does are as such:

  • Manage editing or media creation

  • Buy or rent camera equipment

  • Facilitate casting and contract hair, makeup, costumes, and production design

  • Develop quality scripts

  • Secure IP

  • Perform market research and video marketing

  • Pitch to distributors

Do we need a good film production company?

Video production requires experience, professional equipment, and knowledge.

A good video production industry may help firms to save time, money, and achieve their vision. A professional and great film production company provides video services that may help corporate to minimize their preparation time and organize the motion pictures they needed with a time body that meets the firms’ desires, so these firms don’t lose their valuable time.

A professional video production company speeds up the video production process by understanding what needs to be done so they can create videos that may reach the audience targetted by the corporate.

Corporate video production companies have professional equipment that allows clients to have better shots for their video content, and also give the best video services to provide quality video content.

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Superpixel, Singapore’s Best Production House

Superpixel is a Singapore content creation studio that makes animation for a variety of needs, such as corporate video production, branding video, explainer videos and infographics, event video, interactive content, 3D visualizations, broadcast design, etc. 

Why Choose Superpixel?

With the collaboration of an experienced team, which consists of creative directors, animators, illustrators, designers, and strategists, they serve business needs and create the freshest output that stands out from the crowd. By the power of creative storytelling and design, Superpixel help define brands and deliver quality content. 

What Does Superpixel Do? 

Superpixel services consist of content creation, events content, TV commercials and broadcast package, online editorials, interactive content, product video, corporate video production, explainer videos, video editing, and audio productions. 

Superpixel has three core services, such as Animation, Motion Graphics, and Interactive Content. 

1. Animation

Be it a full-fledged 2D, 3D character animated video, or visual effects, Superpixel is able to help you define your brand in any medium of animation. They will strive to elevate your stories with the freshest and most relevant concepts. 

2. Motion Graphics

Superpixel is a design-driven animation studio. They take businesses seriously by learning about them deeply first and help clients to articulate what matters most. After they understand the business completely, they then take it to the next step interpreting, explaining difficult concepts to make them relevant and relatable in any form of moving visuals or animation. 

3. Interactive Content

Superpixel has also been involved in many interactive installation projects, aside from their expertise in moving visuals. They bring their visuals to the experiential level by creating stunning interactive installation projects. 

Superpixel’s 7-Step Process to Create Super Content

1. Briefing

First thing first, Superpixel listen to clients’ objective, vision, and goals to get at the heart of the story, and also to understand the story completely. To continue to the next step, Superpixel delves into all the key elements and information needed, such as your target audience, deadline, and budget requirements. 

2. Scripting

Scripting is the first major milestone of the project. Clients have the freedom to steer and amend their script, even if they have their own script ready, or if they require collaboration to craft the message they want to convey. When they finally got satisfaction with the script, clients can sign off their script. Superpixel will continue to the next step, which is voice-over recording if required by the project, only if the clients have signed off on the script. 

3. Storyboard

The storyboard consists of a number of frames with illustrated sketches to represent each shot or how the video will unfold. Descriptions of the visuals and narration relevant to the scene are placed under each frame. 

4. Styleframes

While storyboards are only consisting of illustrated sketches, styleframes are fully colored frames that provide an idea of the final look of the video. These styleframes indicate the look and the feelings brought on every major scene. 

5. Filming

After necessary preparations are carried out, including cast, camera crews, and filming location selection, plus preparations of equipment needed, the actual shoot then can be conducted. After the footage is recorded, this footage is then brought back to the studio for post-production processes. 

6. Editing and Animation

Necessary enhancements to the footage, including editing the raw footage, applying color correction, or filters, graphics, and special effects are done by a talented team in this stage. 

7. Music, Voice Over and Sound Effects

In this stage, any relevant sound effects or ideal voice to match the brand are added, with the shortlisted music mixed in, while also adjusting the need to the budget. 

Works Done by Superpixel

Superpixel collaborates with talented people behind some of the international brands. Some of the brands Superpixel has worked with are Fox, Giant, DBS, Pigeon, Coca Cola, Kao, National Geographic, Gardens by the Bay, Panasonic, and many others.

Below are some examples of projects that have been carried out by Superpixel. 

Resorts World Sentosa Chinese New Year Gala Dinner

Resorts World Sentosa commissioned Superpixel Animation Studio to craft the visuals for their VIPs’ annual Chinese New Year Gala Dinner. 

Superpixel turned the whole RWS’ main ballroom into multiple dimensions, including futuristic and whimsical Utopia filled with floating crystals and rainbow mountains, and an enchanted forest in bloom inhabited by cute and joy-triggering rats. 

As a complement for DUNDU, one of the highlight acts, in this project Superpixel created a dreamy and starry atmosphere and also supported visuals for all the live performances. 

EDB 3D Interactive Installation: A Future Ready Singapore

This project is conducted by a 3D interactive installation with the theme “A Future Ready Singapore”. This interactive simulation used a smart screen constructed 3D views of Singapore’s skyline based on the fluctuations in the user’s brain activity, which means the visuals may be changed based on the person who used it. 

Superpixel was commissioned by a local government body and Tangent to create all 3D assets including the futuristic buildings and photo environments for a temporary installation.

Health Promotion Board

In this project, Superpixel made an awareness video for the general public that “Antibiotics kill bacteria, but do not kill the flu viruses.” Superpixel shows some stunning 3D and visual effects by transforming a creative concept into an almost realistic character. 

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