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In today’s digital world, videos have become a huge deal in marketing. With over 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022, this number is expected to rise even more. Hence, businesses and marketers are increasingly using video marketing as a means to promote products and services. But how does one compete to still appeal enough to engage and grab viewers’ attention amidst the abundance of video content posted online?

Well fortunately there is a solution – and it’s animation!

If you don’t know it yet, animated videos have become one of the most effective sales and marketing mediums available for businesses today. A study from 2021 highlights that there has been an 800% increase globally for animated videos. This is because consumers love visual content more than textual content – making it a sure-fire approach for businesses to create unique and attractive videos that can further magnify the benefits of a video marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing video animation is an effective tool for businesses to attract attention and compete with other videos online.
  • Animated marketing videos can improve conversion rates and influence consumer purchasing decisions.
  • Animated marketing videos are versatile and can be applied to various platforms to reach out to a wider range of audiences.

What is an animated marketing video?

An animated marketing video is a type of video marketing that is comprised of animated content. Just like other forms of video marketing, animated marketing videos are used to increase engagement, convey complex ideas, as well as promote products and services to potential customers.

To put simply, animated marketing videos achieve the same functions as a marketing video. However, what sets it apart is the use of animation instead of real-life people and objects that you typically see online. Animated marketing videos are also commonly used for product advertisements, marketing campaigns, social media content and so much more.

Why are businesses using animated marketing videos?

Animated marketing videos are attention-grabbing

In today’s world of endless online content, grabbing and keeping viewers’ attention is crucial for video marketers to convey the content of a marketing video entirely. Animated videos, with their captivating illustrations and compelling storytelling, offer a unique and memorable way to achieve this goal. They’re tailor-made for the era of video marketing, where standing out is key. Thanks to our natural attraction to visuals, animated videos have an edge in capturing the audience’s attention. This makes them a favourite tool for businesses looking to engage and retain their audience amidst the plethora of video content online.

Animated marketing videos increase conversion rates

Animated marketing videos serve as a powerful asset for businesses aiming to boost conversion rates. Consider animated explainer videos, which are animated clips strategically placed on a website’s homepage to elucidate a product or service. By captivating viewers’ attention and delivering information swiftly, these videos play a pivotal role in shaping consumer decisions, ultimately leading to increased conversion rates. The dynamic nature of animated marketing videos proves more effective in converting sales compared to traditional methods like reading lengthy texts or viewing static images.

Animated marketing videos are ideal for all marketing channels

Animated marketing videos are versatile assets that seamlessly integrate into diverse platforms. Be it your brand’s social media profiles, the front page of your company website, or TV advertisements – animated videos effortlessly transcend various marketing channels. This adaptability proves highly advantageous, allowing businesses to generate leads from different sources and reach a broader audience. Furthermore, the ability to reuse a single animated video across multiple channels not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces costs, optimising the impact of the marketing video.

An animated marketing video can work for pretty much anything

One of the best things about animated marketing videos is the fact that it is extremely versatile – surpassing the flexibility of traditional live-action counterparts. With animation, the possibilities are virtually endless. Businesses can leverage animated videos for a myriad of purposes: from creating engaging promotional content to inspiring action through animated commercials, or even enriching visual elements in email marketing campaigns. There’s virtually no limit to what can be achieved.

Moreover, the creative potential of animated marketing videos knows no bounds. Want to make trees dance in your video? Flip the world upside down? Have animals walk and talk like humans? An animated marketing video makes it all possible – if you can envision it, you can bring it to life through animation.

Types of Animated Marketing Videos

When it comes to animated marketing videos, there are many different video marketing options that brands and marketers can choose from. Let’s take a look at some examples that you can draw inspiration from to incorporate into your marketing strategy.

Animated Explainer Videos

An animated explainer video serves as a concise yet powerful tool for introducing and explaining the workings of a product or service through engaging animation. These videos are designed to be quick, informative, and easy to grasp – making them an ideal method for companies to effectively convey their offerings to their target audience in the shortest amount of time.

Typically featured on a company’s website homepage, explainer videos wield significant influence over customer purchasing decisions. Furthermore, they can enhance website engagement by prolonging the amount of time visitors spend on a website, thereby improving overall Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings.

As a visual illustration, consider this example of SuperPixel’s animated explainer video for AIA’s Medishield life plan. Utilising 2D animation, this video effectively conveys and simplifies complex information on the benefits of AIA’s insurance plan in a visually appealing manner.

Superpixel's AIA Medishield Life Plan Insurance 2D Animation Explainer Video Image Example

3D Animated Video

3D animation videos are essentially moving images in a three-dimensional space that allows for more depth than other styles of animation – creating beautiful and realistic visuals that can captivate just about anyone’s attention. In the dynamic realm of marketing, 3D animation emerges as a popular choice. Its anticipated market value surpassing $50 billion by 2025 underscores the escalating demand for immersive experiences, further enhancing the appeal of 3D animation.

Moreover, 3D animated videos can pretty much be applied to anything within the marketing industry. From marketing campaigns to captivating social media content and compelling advertisements, the applications are endless. It serves as a powerful tool for brands seeking to showcase products in ways not possible through conventional means and not easily accessible in person.

Through 3D animation, products can be effortlessly shown from every angle, deconstructed or even assembled, offering an accurate and detailed depiction of the product. For a better visual understanding, here’s SuperPixel’s work on one of our clients for the Asus Zenbook 14 product showcase video. This exemplifies the impactful use of 3D animation in marketing, especially when unveiling intricate product components that may otherwise be challenging to showcase in real life.

Superpixel's Asus Zenbook 14 3D Animated Product Showcase Video Image Example
Superpixel's Asus Zenbook 14 3D Animated Product Showcase Video Image Example

Promotional Video

Promotional videos are concise, engaging clips crafted to highlight products, services, brands, or events. They aim to grab the target audience’s attention and spur them to take specific actions like purchasing, signing up, or attending. Videos are proven to increase sales, with 87% of marketers acknowledging their effectiveness. Animated videos, in particular, excel at captivating and engaging audiences, making them ideal for promotional content. Through animation, businesses can create visually compelling stories that resonate with viewers and drive action.

For example, SuperPixel’s Courts Singapore Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional video transforms the store and products into vibrant animations, igniting anticipation and excitement for the sale event. This creative approach effectively captures attention and encourages viewer participation in the promotion.

Superpixel's Courts Singapore Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale 2D Animated Promotional Video Image Example
Superpixel's Courts Singapore Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale 2D Animated Promotional Video Image Example

Animated Characters

Animated characters serve as powerful tools for brands to engage with customers and establish emotional connections. These characters can be personified to represent a brand persona, effectively humanising the brand and forging deeper connections with the target audience, a feat that other video formats often struggle to achieve.

A great example of this type of video is SuperPixel’s Singapore Health Promotion Board campaign video that was made to educate the public on the incorrect use of antibiotics. Utilising 3D animation, SuperPixel introduced “Antibiotic Boy,” a character infused with human-like qualities to enhance relatability. The video quickly became popular and its success can be attributed not only to its visually appealing graphics but also to the character’s ability to convey the message clearly, infused with a comedic twist.

Superpixel's 3D Animated Antibiotic Boy Character Image Example
Superpixel's 3D Animated Antibiotic Boy Character Image Example

Tips for creating your own animated marketing videos

We hope that by now you are inspired to use animated marketing videos for your business goals. Here are a few tips to help you get started in planning and creating your own!

Know your target audience

Before you begin creating your video, it is important to identify your audience and create a video based on your target audience. For example, if you would like to appeal more to the younger generation, using animated characters in your video would be a good choice. Whereas if you would like to sell a tech-related product or service for older audiences and want to have an overall sophisticated vibe for your video your best bet would be using 3D animation. Understanding who your audience is is crucial when deciding what type of animated marketing videos you should be using for your business.

Have a strong key message or concept

When creating a video you need to identify the purpose and goal of the video. Whether it is to introduce a new product, inform the public about your service or increase website visits. Whatever your goal is, it is essential that you know the key message or concept for your video before you start to create.

Prepare a script

Once you have identified your message, it’s time to create a script for your video. A script will help you to plan out what your video entails and how you will present your key messages. Your script does not have to be long as people prefer watching shorter videos for better viewer retention. It is also a great option to use storyboarding as this can help you prepare the graphics and sequences for each scene in order for you to have a clearer idea of how your video will turn out.

Choose your video animation software

Once you have everything else prepared you can start choosing which animation software you want to use. There are many different animation tools available on the internet that you can do your research on. However, if you are not knowledgeable in animation, there are plenty of animation studios and graphic design companies that you can outsource to create your animated marketing video.

Create animated video content with us!

Here at SuperPixel, we are an animation studio that specialises in a wide range of animation types from 3D animation to motion graphics and more. Our creative team of animators can help you bring your envisioned ideas to life to achieve your marketing goals.

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