You must have seen a lot of advertisement videos on all kinds of social media platforms. The social media platform is the best place to tell viewers the story of your brand. In fact, six of the 20 most popular websites on the Internet are social media sites. But it is also important to create engaging and creative posts to tell people about your brand. 

Have you ever wondered how to manage all the “noise” on different kinds of social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter? Or how to build a strong network of followers and convey your message to more viewers? Social media animation and engaging content is the answer to these questions. 

Social Media Animation: Your Best Social Media Strategy

What is Social Media Animation?

Social media is one of the most powerful platforms to distribute your marketing content.  Social media helps you to reach people who support your values and helps businesses to gather more followers than other media platforms, such as magazines or TV channels. 

Whilst video or animation content is the most interesting tool being used by every marketer today to boost their company’s growth or promote the products and services they offer. Videos increase website traffic, which many people all around the world have access to. 

The combination of animation and social media in social media marketing creates some unique engaging content that may help your business to grow and stand out. Social media animation is an incisive, unique, and snappy video that is designed to live on social channels, such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This animation allows you to grab people’s attention from any social platforms you may use to bridge your services. 

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Why Use Animation Video for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

So many people are turning to social media animation these days. Most people prefer to see video content over text reading, which then will lead to a video explosion in content marketing. In fact, vision is the human’s most dominant sense, and it is proven that 65% of people are visual learners. 

In this section, we’ll spell out the reasons why you need a good animation video for your social media marketing strategy. 

1. Captures and Keeps The Viewer’s Attention

The animation will bring up emotions that resonate with the audience, 

The more entertaining your content is, there shall be more people who share it on their social media channels, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

Animation videos can also make your social media messages more memorable. Unforgettable animation videos will also help you build brand loyalty with your viewers. By constantly posting interesting animations on social platforms, you can build your brand presence step by step. 

Check out this Health Promotion Board campaign video made by Superpixel that aims to inform the general public about how “Antibiotics kill bacteria, but do not kill the flu viruses.” Superpixel transformed a creative concept into an almost realistic character in this 3D animation and visual effects project by creating a full 3D cute and grumpy pull to life. 

2. Simplify Hard-to-understand Information

Technical aspects are often the hardest aspects to be explained for non-experts and often require a more detailed explanation. 

The human brain processes visual information 60,000x faster than text, which is why visual content is often easier to comprehend. If your company wants to share news about a new product or service or other complex ideas, images may be your best bet for providing easy-to-understand content. 

Animated GIFs and long description videos explain different ways to express information in a simple format and provide effective interaction with your audience. These animations may help bring your content to life, which then allows difficult topics to be simplified and easier to understand. With animation, you can make your characters or even products talk all you want, walk, etc. 

Superpixel Animation Studio has produced some unique customized GIFs for SGX’s Bullcharge Charity Run (2017 & 2018). These GIFs were then used in their social media campaigns across multiple platforms. 

3. Cost-effectively Describe Your Content

Animation is relatively cheaper to produce than live videos. 52% of marketing professionals worldwide mention that video content has the best ROI. Live video production would require a lot of money to spend, as it needs a lot of preparation, such as actors, filming equipment, spokesperson, etc. While on the other hand, the creation of animated videos will only need a fraction of that effort. 

The attractive storytelling and handsome visuals or characters brought by animation made it effective content to bring your product or service to stand out. Animation videos can also help grow conversions up to 60% on average.  

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4. Short, Fun, and Easy to Remember

Fun, entertaining, and unobtrusive are the three main reasons for someone to click on ads. By putting all three aspects in your short animation video, it may steal viewers’ hearts and make them want to share the content. This then may lead to driving more traffic to your company’s profile and multiple opportunities for conversion.

A unique and inimitable design can also help you enhance your brand image on social media. 

Fun animations are not only easy to remember, but they will also allow viewers to digest the information faster. It is a great way to tell stories of your brand in a fun and creative way while having the viewers engage in and entertained by the content. 

5. Bring Back Memories

Childhood memories are often associated with positive emotions and good old times. Nostalgia itself is a strong emotion that is always accompanied by memories of the past or moment, which may be brought up by social media animation. Animation videos on social media remind you of the good times of your childhood and it evokes positivity.

Build Your Super Social Media Content with Superpixel

As mentioned above, creating social media animation may be difficult as you need it to be able to engage your audience and build a strong network of followers. Superpixel is one of the best animation production houses in Singapore, that will help you create the most ideal and creative social media animation video. 

Superpixel helps define your brand through the power of creative storytelling and unique design. We also create a better presence for your brand by learning about your brands firsthand to help you articulate what matters most for your social media marketing, starting from listening to your brand story and your creative ideas. 

Want to start making your social media animation? Contact Superpixel by clicking this link.

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