Can you imagine brand marketing as a pizza? Well, what if I tell you that social media marketing is its big, wonderful, slice? Social media has become a critical network for your brand presentation. It is the best place to tell your audience the story of your business.

It has become an essential piece of the puzzle and helps some businesses get more engagement and brand awareness. Six of the 20 most popular websites on the Internet are social media sites.

But how do you build a strong network of followers? And with so many people posting content on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, how do you manage the “noise”? The answer to the first question is: engaging content. And, the next answer to your question? Social media animation. 

The Reason Why You Should Use Social Media Animation Videos

Social Media Animation

Social media and video content are the largest and most interesting tools in every marketer’s arsenal today. Videos increase website traffic, while social media is one of the most powerful ways to distribute your marketing content and reach people who support your values.

Social media content should be concise, snappy content that grabs people’s attention as they browse your feed. Anyone can post an image or a few lines of text, but only a few can post high-quality animated videos. By creating unique engaging content that most people can’t, brands and businesses can block out noise and stand out.

Why social media animation video?

It grabs viewers’ attention

Visual is our most dominant sense, consuming half of our brain resources, and most visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, 65% of people are visual learners and 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. No wonder many people use social media animations and animated annotations to convey their message!

A majority of consumers worldwide prefer video content over reading content, downloading PDFs, and endless sorting of infographics. Consumer preferences will drive the video boom in content marketing over the next decade. We can see that video is increasingly being used to convert and generate leads. 

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It Simplify A Complex Information

Every brand has a creative and technical side. Technical ideas are the most complex for non-experts and require further explanation. If your company wants to share news about product launches, new services, or other complex ideas, animations can be the best option for presenting your content in an easy-to-digest way. Animated GIFs and long description videos are a variety of ways to communicate your message in a simple format and provide a more successful interaction with your audience.

You will be told that seeing once is more effective than hearing many times. These words accurately describe the function of animation in social media posts to convey messages full of complex information.

You can also post animated how-to guides on your social profiles to show customers how to solve specific problems and how to use your products, services, or software.

It Is Easy To Remember

There is nothing more powerful than an amazing visual memory or a fun short video. They steal users’ hearts, make them want to share the content, drive more traffic to their company profile, and multiply their conversion opportunities.

Animated posts are very effective in social media advertising because they are the three most important reasons to click on ads: fun, entertaining, and unobtrusive.

By consistently posting interesting animations on social platforms, you can build your own brand presence, step-by-step. A beautiful, well-performing motion design should be infused with a unique, non-repeatable style. This can ideally contribute to your brand image on social networks.

People always perceive something original. When the animation exhibits a unique style and originality, users can enjoy this motion design work without scrolling through the news feed.

Not only attract attention, but video content can also make your social media messages more memorable. Video is processed more easily (and more quickly) than other formats because the human brain processes visuals easier than text. This means your audience is more likely to engage with social media videos than static images or text updates.

It Is Fun!

Social media animation enables you to create a fun, engaging content. They will appreciate how fun it is to learn about you. At the same time, they also will digest the information faster because fun animations are a great way to tell a brand story in a fun and creative way. 

Who doesn’t want fun? After a busy day and routine, we look for something that can give us relaxation and psychological reassurance. By producing a fun content, you can engage, entertain, and build brand loyalty with your audience. 

It Creates Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a strong emotion and is almost always accompanied by memories of the past or moment. Social media animation videos remind you of the good times of your childhood. Many people associate positive emotions with childhood. So positivity is the perfect emotion to evoke in an animated social media video.

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Make Your Own Social Media Animation Videos With Us

Marketing is a strategy that blends creativity and spice. This is especially true when marketing your brand on social media. Animation can be the ingredients you need for your content planning. It catches the user’s attention. Creativity, innovation, and fun combine to create a lasting impression and unforgettable taste.

Creating content on your social media doesn’t have to come with a big budget marketing campaign. This can be as simple as creating something eye-catching that your company can use, over and over again.

If you have already invested in a social media campaign, make the most of it! This could mean adapting your content to your current platform. Some of the spaces where your video is displayed may have different audiences.

Make your animation videos according to your channel and your brand images. Collaborate with Superpixel Singapore to create the most ideal social media animation video to create better engagement and better brand presence. Don’t hesitate to contact us, Superpixel is always ready to answer your needs.