Video content is becoming the most popular medium for commercial marketing. There’s a video to be seen everywhere you look.

As a result, a company that hasn’t gone on the video marketing bandwagon is just throwing money away. There are a plethora of videos that organizations may generate when it comes to video marketing. And, a promotional video is one of the most basic but effective tools.

About 83 percent of marketers admit that promotional videos provide a positive return on investment and 68 percent of consumers admit that they prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a promotional video. Now then, let’s know more about the promotion video and its benefits.

All The Reasons Why You Need A Promotion Video

What is a Promotion Video?

A promotion video is a short video used to promote a product, service, event, sale, or company. Consider it as a movie or book trailer, you don’t want to give away the entire plot or just encourage someone to watch or read it. Instead, you want to motivate them to take the next step and provide them with the necessary information.

It might be used to emphasize certain products or services, introduce your company, convey your brand narrative, offer your expertise, or establish the scene to help consumers envision your product or service in their own life. This type of video aims to introduce your business to potential customers.

One thing to keep in mind is that promotional videos do not have to be obvious sales pitches. Even if you don’t directly urge you to buy something, you may still make a high-converting promotional video.

To make advertising less invasive, a compelling promo video may convey a story and move the interaction to a more personal level.

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The Benefits of Promotion Video

Video may be a highly successful marketing medium that firms can use to their advantage due to its flexibility. Here are some of the advantages of using a promotional video.

1. Video Develops Interest

We are naturally drawn to moving imagery, which provides video an advantage over text and photographs. Video can engage people from all over the world. Even if you don’t understand the language or have no prior knowledge of the subject, you can still watch and listen, interpreting the message for yourself.

Video gives people a simple, easy-to-understand manner to absorb information with minimal effort. It doesn’t require your entire concentration because it can be absorbed passively. They are less time-consuming and less demanding on the viewer than reading articles or books.

2. Create Brand Awareness

Footage that promotes your brand can raise awareness of what you have to offer. This may be extremely beneficial to your company. 

When brand colors and logos are used consistently throughout, they may leave a lasting impression on the audience, making your company more remembered. When combined with a strong call to action, the video may help your company achieve its objectives, such as attracting new customers and inquiries.

3. It Is Shareable

Promotion videos can be shared across a wide range of digital venues, including all of the major social media networks, online publications, and newspapers. This is why online promotional videos are swiftly becoming the most popular method of increasing brand recognition. 

Making a video that is hilarious, emotional, or unique will enhance the likelihood of your audience sharing it. When your audience shares your video, it reaches a significantly larger audience than sponsored advertising ever could. 

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Why Should Promotion Videos Be Animated?

Why Should Promotion Videos Be Animated?

We now know that video may be a valuable addition to a company’s promotional weapon. It’s one of the most flexible and profitable forms of digital marketing. It allows you to communicate the narrative of your company or product in a fun, engaging way in just a few minutes.

Animating a promotional film is one of the most effective methods to do it. Here are a few reasons why animated videos may help you with your marketing.

1. Explaining a hard topic is simpler 

In a way that text or live videos can’t, animated explainer videos can bring concepts to life. Whiteboard animations are incredibly successful at teaching step-by-step operations in a fun and straightforward manner while also attracting the attention of your customers. In only a few minutes, they’ll have a deeper grasp of your products and services.

2. Better connection with customers

Animated videos are a fantastic method to interact with customers on a more personal level when it comes to brand marketing. It’s easy to show off your brand’s unique perspective and personality using animation. It lingers longer in the thoughts of your customers, resulting in an improved recall.

Your brand has a great potential to be authentic and present a unique point of view through animated videos.

3. Help you answer common questions

Animated explainer videos allow you to respond to customer questions, solve consumer issues, and convey all product features and benefits before they even ask. Written content is more likely to be disregarded or overlooked, but an animated video may deliver all relevant information in a short amount of time.

By just posting a simple video on your website and social media, you may improve conversions by as much as 80%.

4. Less expensive to make 

Animated videos are less expensive to produce than other forms of videos. When shooting a live-action video, there might be a long list of expenditures to consider. You’ll need to cast performers, scout locations, coordinate props and production time, plan for filming and post-production, and so on. Furthermore, updating or altering the text might be a difficult task.

On the other hand, you may avoid a lot of this trouble by using an animated video. You just need to contact a design firm or an animator and leave the creative work to them.

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Make a Promotion Video

One of the most effective methods to advertise your company is through promotion videos using animation. It provides you the ability to simplify complicated concepts into simple promos that yet look amazing!

You can make these advertising videos fast and easily with Superpixel. We’ve worked on a variety of animation videos for a variety of companies, and we’ve always delivered! Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about what we can do for you.