Video becomes one of the most powerful mediums to communicate with the public and convey your messages, especially when it comes to business and marketing strategy. More and more businesses start to utilize its audiovisual features to present each of their objectives and engage with potential customers.

However, elaborating research-based information such as data and statistics appears to be on the next level of complexity, as audiences probably don’t have that much time to find themselves buried in a stack of numbers and texts.

Infographic videos can be the perfect solution to help you put ideas and visions on audiences’ minds, without ever worrying about being dull and overwhelming.  

Infographic Video: A Visualized Information That Catches Attention

What is an Infographic Video?

A video infographic is pretty much an enhanced version of a static infographic. While the earliest consists of easy-to-follow structures and the addition of visual features, video infographics come with audio, transitions, and animation to appeal to more audiences who would love to watch moving elements than a static figure.

In addition, an infographic video is more likely to help viewers to remember the messages and has a bigger chance to develop a higher impact. According to the Weiss-McGrath Report, human brain retention of information obtained from audiovisual mediums are surprisingly higher after 24 hours.

Aiming to present pieces of high-value information and leave the viewers with fresh-brand new perspectives, it often took audiences on a journey to engage and develop emotional bound. Keep that in mind, a good marketing infographic video does not eliminate the value of your information, yet it allows the subject to engage efficiently with the viewer.

For your example, take a look at how crucial data is presented through a video infographic:

Superpixel created this video to discuss a concern proposed by National Geographic and Dyson. It argues that the public is often unaware of invisible bacteria in the air, which may cause health problems, especially for younger family members. The idea comes with the fact that infants are the most vulnerable as they breathe 4 times more than adults. As a solution, Dyson’s Pure Cool purifying fan came to the rescue for cleaner and healthier surroundings.

It successfully delivers concerns and persuades its customers to think about the problems, as well as presenting the right solution and elaborating how it helps them to get away from difficulties. Easy-to-follow graphics and storylines connect easily with audiences and therefore help them engage with the product.

As an additional benefit, infographic videos are simply interactive and shareable on the internet, which caused traffic to naturally grow on company platforms as a result.

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Five Simple Steps To Create Infographic Videos

Now that you understand how video infographics elevate your marketing technique, you probably come to an intention to put your thoughts into this well-crafted combination of design elements.

Though you can easily find ready-to-use video infographic templates on the internet, making your elements may be beneficial as it represents your visions and can articulate your messages effectively. Below are five easy steps to make your video infographics:

1. Determine your goal and viewers

To begin, all you need to do is to create an outline of what you want to achieve through infographic videos, such as increasing social media engagement or obtaining more customers from prospective viewers. In this stage, you are also required to put audiences’ motivation as a kick-start of the video.

2. Conduct research and analyze the result

After the video objectives had been set, time to perform research to collect and analyze necessary data that would help to support the goal. Subsequently, you are also required to determine the main focus to highlight the most important part that you wish to present and how it should affect your audience.

3. Technical Preparation: Create a storyboard, write a script for it, and record the voice over

A storyboard in general provides visual descriptions of how your information will flow. Hence, you are less likely to miss any crucial details.

Similar to visual features, an audio voice-over acts as a great reinforcement to help audiences understand your message. In this stage, you are advised to write a script as a guide before taking any record on audio voice-over.

4. Execute the plan and perform some editing

Here comes the fun part. Get creative through the mixing of the music audio, graphs, and transitions. However, do not forget about the essential part of the video and stick to it: You are required to provide true and comprehensive data to help amplify your messages.

5. Voila, you are all set!

Now, the infographic video is ready to engage with potential customers. Put in on your company’s social media or official landing page and let the magic begin.

However, building your design element might be problematic sometimes. While the time is limited and ideas are piling up on deck, catastrophic results could be your project output. To get away from this, you can always ask for additional support through collaborations with third-party design providers.

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Create Your Infographic Video with Superpixel

Now is the time to escalate your marketing strategies by adapting to the audiovisual culture. Easy-to-follow transitions and appealing graphics can help when it comes to presenting difficult matters.

Superpixel is ready to help you create quality infographic videos. As we put our clients’ satisfaction as a top priority, we always begin with understanding your objectives and values as our project fundamentals.