Video has always been a very impactful platform to tell your stories. Research has proven that people are more receptive to video than text. In a survey in 2018, 95% of events that used video admit that it was effective. But ironically, 57% of events still haven’t used video as a promotional platform.

Are you one of the event creators in this 57% margin? Even when data says that video is the number #1 favorite type of content to see from brands on social media?

If so, let’s try to see a few event/product launch video that has a fantastic impact on their audience!

Check Out This 5 Examples of Great Event Launch Video!

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Examples of Great Event Launch Video

1. Fyre Festival

This video is a very great example of an event launch video-even if the event itself is a huge mess. Fyre Festival sold out their tickets 48 hours after launch. Despite being fraudulent, it was the biggest marketing success in the event’s history. Tickets cost £75,000, and with these prices, they promise “best food, art, music and adventure” in the Bahamas and luxury accommodations. 

How do they do it?

Know your audience and run your campaigns around them, including messages, formats, and communication channels. Fyre Festival focuses on millennials, video as a format, and social media as a channel. Total win!

Create a clear and interesting message. Make it big. Big events need loud noise! 

But still, never ever offer something you cannot deliver. Don’t oversell and overpromise your event. Promotions are an important part of your business, but your priority is to keep your customers happy at the end of their journey.

2. InfoJobs

InfoJobs has created a tweet-based job video and event in Spain on Labor Day 2017. They want to help job seekers and employers find each other on Twitter and, of course, maintain the brand’s leadership in the marketplace. So they focus on promoting the event around the video. Many videos cover various topics related to the field of work.

As a result, the hashtag #JobDay generated 11.8 million views, 350 companies participated in the event, 228,258 video views completed, and 3x the daily average of InfoJobs app installs.

How do they do it?

They launched various videos and hashtags promoting the event. From webinars on how to use Twitter to find work, to Periscope on how to recruit candidates on social media, successfully using video as their medium.

Be bold and creative. Don’t be afraid to experiment with video. It is a medium that has no boundaries but what we set ourselves up for.

Share your experience – Don’t sacrifice the success of your event just because you don’t want to share it. InfoJobs invites its competitors to the event, which connects and brings even more people to the event.

3. Nintendo Switch

Examples of Great Event Launch Video

A good pre-launch video is more likely to have the potential to be viral, spreading a buzz before it even launches. For example, in October 2016, the Nintendo Switch console teaser trailer garnered 38.4 million views in just seven days.

The key is to keep your videos short, sweet, and shareable, and plant them in the right places (where there is an online marketplace). In addition to landing pages, YouTube, and social media channels, they may include places like ProductHunt related to their niche. Remember, be careful not to do too much hard sell!

4. Gainsight

Gainsight provides a platform to process customer data from a variety of sources to help businesses understand their customers. They also host an annual networking and learning conference called Pulse. In their 2015 video conferencing campaign, they decided to bet on a slightly different approach. 

Vice President Customer Success and Chief Customer Officer (CCO) performed an acapella version of Taylor Swift’s song ‘Blank Space’. This resulted in 2000 new questions about the meeting. 

How does it gain attention?

So, let’s start with the song. The brand uses music only from Swift’s songs. They write their own lyrics while singing about their service. The song is addictive, the lyrics are good and the performance is perfect. 

Why did this work? 

Use what you are familiar with and add your own touch to it. ‘Blank Space’ is a hit song known for its addictive melody. Gainsight takes advantage of this by adding uniqueness and making their staffs stand in the spotlight, giving audience a chance to see the people behind the action.

5. Ecstatic Dance Temple – URUBU School of Transformational Arts

There might be a lot of people who are still unfamiliar with ecstatic dancing, which is connected to a well-being space. So the URUBU School of Transformational Art decided to explain everything in an informative video about the event.

In addition to providing information on the importance of ecstatic dancing and cocoa in the rapturous Saturday program listings, the show’s creators have also made videos of people enjoying the previous show. 

Text and images are superimposed to describe what ecstatic dance is. This provides context for beginners to know what to expect during the session. The show’s teaser video looks very entertaining, alleviating any concerns people may have about joining.

This method will be a very great example for those of you who want to make an event with a small niche. Growing your target audience can be done simply by explaining the value of the events.

How do they make it great?

Think about why people were drawn to these types of events in the first place, and note what you found most useful about the theme. Capture those special elements in the video. Then write a short elevator pitch that can be placed over the video so that participants fully understand the concept.

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Make Your First Event Launch Video

Video is an often overlooked part of event content marketing, but statistics prove that it is a favorite of the audience. If you want to increase brand awareness and sales of your event, videos are an important part of your promotional plan. Not sure how to make your first event video? Create professional-looking products with our services. We in Superpixel, Singapore Animation Company are ready to help you make your first-ever event launch video.

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