The rise of video marketing has caused a major shift in the marketing landscape. Now, more than ever, consumers are turning to videos as a way to obtain information at a quicker rate. In order to keep up with the changing of times, corporate companies have turned to video content strategies to meet the demands of the market and communicate with their audiences to improve business growth. In this article, we will talk about corporate video production, the benefits it provides and how you can create your own through a step by step guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Corporate video are powerful marketing mediums that can increase conversion rates, strengthen brand image, improve visibility and increase website rankings.

  • Corporate videos are versatile and can be used for both internal and external purposes.

  • Corporate video production involves three essential phases: pre production, production and post production.

What is a corporate video?

Corporate video is an umbrella term used to represent any type of video content that is produced by a corporation. These videos act as a medium for companies to convey a specific message to the relevant target audience. Any type of type of video can be classified as a corporate video however, their purposes may differ accordingly.

A corporate video can be adopted for internal or external use – depending on the company’s goal. Internal uses are typically done for employee onboarding, training, recruitments – basically anything intended for use within the company itself. Whereas external uses are aimed towards marketing purposes such as ads, product launches, marketing campaigns and more.

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Why is corporate video production important for video marketing?

Corporate videos have shown to be effective in communicating and engaging audiences to help market their brand, product or service. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a corporate video and how it can help your business.

The benefits of corporate video production in marketing

1. Improves visibility on search engines

In today’s world, videos make up a high percentage of online traffic making it another important reason to integrate a corporate video onto your website. Just look at YouTube, the top video sharing platform and is also the second most visited website worldwide.

Corporate videos are generally a great tool for attracting your target audience because people prefer watching videos to gain information – increasing organic traffic on your website. Moreover, videos help in keeping website visitors stay on your page for a longer time – improving search engine ranking factors. Google also ranks video content higher than textual content which is why you’ll often see video recommendations in top search queries.

2. Enhances your company image

People often build perceptions of a company based on the content a company produces. Corporate video production is a great way to inform consumers about the company’s purpose, values and brand identity because it allows. They help in strengthening a company’s image improving both offline and online presence. Corporate videos are also great mediums for companies to tell their brand story and showcase expertise as users want to understand

building trust and also an effective tool in fostering trust – enabling companies to present themselves as credible and professional services

3. Boost visibility

Corporate video production can immensely improve visibility and attract more prospective clients and consumers. Simply because videos are shareable – especially on social media platforms that play a dominant role in our daily lives. When users are attracted to and engage with your video, they are more likely to share it around. This increases a company’s visibility to reach new potential customers.

People prefer video content better than any other forms of media – especially on social media platforms that play a dominant role in our daily lives. Videos can attract eyeballs, have higher engagement rates and are more likely to be shared around. People love watching videos – just look at YouTube, the top leading video sharing platform and is also the second most visited website after Google. Not to mention, videos are shareable and the more shares you get on your video, the more reach you will be able to get subsequently improving your online presence and brand recognition.

4. Provides valuable and relevant information

What better way to provide information than with a corporate video? People are more likely to click on a video than read through paragraphs of texts to know more about what a company offers. It allows people to retrieve information at a quicker rate that is easier to absorb. Whether it’s to inform the audience about a product, service, the company and their story, you can easily do any of that through video production

5. Increases conversion rates

Website pages with a company video have increased conversion rates by 80% compared to those that do not. This is because videos are the best mediums to convey information and connect with your audience. They help in informing potential customers about a product or service – increasing user understanding and influencing purchasing decisions.

Corporate Video Production: Common Video Types

1. Corporate training videos

Training videos are used internally within a company to communicate professional training materials. This type of video effectively delivers results because let’s be honest, no one likes to read through a hundred page document (even more so in the workplace). The engaging visuals paired with informative audio help to provide the ultimate learning experience for employees. Corporate training videos can be applied to plenty of uses such as employee onboarding, human resources guidelines and workplace safety regulations. Here’s our take for the NCS Temasek Workspace training video that educates employees on how to use their high-tech workspace features through 2D animation.

2. Product Demos

Most businesses create product demo videos to demonstrate how customers can use a specific product. These types of marketing videos are essential as it informs the audiences on how their product is able to solve a problem – without coming off as too salesy. Here’s a video example our team animated for Betadine’s how to gargle video that shows their customers how to effectively use their gargle solution with just three easy steps.

3. Product Launch

Companies use product launch videos to introduce and market a new product that is being offered. This helps to generate buzz and build brand awareness of the upcoming product as well as to reach the appropriate target audience. One great example is Knight Franks’ Biddin platform video created by our creative team of animators that introduces the features of the service and how it can enrich customers’ lives and solve their problems.

4. Explainer videos

From big corporations to small businesses, explainer videos are the most common choice when it comes to corporate video production. Explainer videos are a great way for companies to provide a quick and thorough explanation to the audience about their products or services for a better understanding. These videos are often placed on a website’s homepage to attract potential customers and allow them to make informed decisions. Take a look at this example created by our team at Superpixel for AIA’s Absolute Critical Cover Insurance Plan to explain what the package offers. 2D animation was used in creating this video to provide eye-catching visuals and bring the storyline to life.

5. Promotional videos

Corporate companies may use promotional videos to highlight and advertise specific events, initiatives, products, or services. This type of video is great for communicating with potential clients and inspiring action. Here’s an example of a corporate promotional video that our team along with an external third party video production team produced for the Monetary Authority of Singapore Gallery. The video used a combination of live action, 3D animation, and motion graphics to portray a realistic expectation of how the future can look like.

The 3 phases of corporate video production

1. Pre-production

Pre-production is considered the most important phase of video production. It involves scriptwriting, developing video concepts, storyboarding scenes, scheduling, casting (especially for live action videos), finding the right crew, budgeting – essentially every aspect of the video project that requires planning. Pre-production also includes preparation of all the materials needed such as camera equipment, lighting, set location, props, wardrobe and more.

2. Production

In the production phase, this is where filming will take place and cameras start rolling. This is usually the longest and most expensive phase in any type of video production. Some corporate companies have an in-house team to carry out filming however, there are plenty of corporate video production companies you can hire to create compelling and high-quality videos.

3. Post Production

Post production comes only once filming has been completed. At this phase, video editing of the raw footages finally takes place. Video editing will involve cutting, colour grading, special effects, voice overs, subtitles, music, animation and more. This is the final phase of corporate video production before can be put out to use.

Step by step guide to making your own corporate video

Step 1: Identify the purpose of the video

First and foremost, it is crucial to determine the purpose of your corporate video. If you intend to create a video that markets your company’s product or service, then a promotional corporate video would be the best choice. Whereas creating an employee training video would be used internally within the corporation for the purpose of educating employees. This allows you to understand your goals as well as who your target audience will be in order to plan and develop the concept of your video.

Step 2: Write the script

Every video needs a script because it provides structure and allows you to organise your ideas better for execution. Think of a script like a blueprint for how your video will turn out. In addition, a script can help you visualise the entire direction of your video clearly to ensure your production is successful and aligns with your goals. The key to writing a good script is to keep it clear, concise and creative. Your script should be short, sweet and able to convey your message clearly for users to understand.

Step 3: Planning and preparation

Once you have a script ready, it will be easier to proceed with planning and preparing for your production. We recommend to firstly plan your budget as it can act as a guide that will help you stay on track with your expenses. Then, you can plan and gather resources for the creative aspect of the production which includes decoration, props, storyboarding; and the logistics of the production such as recruiting talents, hiring a video production company, determining the location, scheduling and so on. All of these aspects need to be prepared before you can move on to the production phase.

Step 4: Film the video

After planning and gathering your resources, you can then film your long awaited video. Do make sure that you have prepared a call time sheet to help you keep track of the schedule and all the information you need for the day of filming. A call sheet is a detailed document that plays a big role in ensuring your production goes smoothly and successfully.

Step 5: Post production

The last step to creating your video will be the post production phase. This is where footage will be combined, cut and further edited. Elements such as animation, motion graphics, special effects are usually added at this stage of the production. The entire process may vary according to the size of the production and type of video you intend to create which may take months up to a year to produce the final video.

Final thoughts

Creating a corporate video can provide a myriad of benefits for your corporation as previously mentioned. It can become a powerful tool that will help in propelling your business growth both internally and externally. You can follow our complete guide to create a compelling corporate video or outsource to a company that does corporate video productions to help you execute the entire production process with ease.

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