Have you ever heard of the power of testimony? That’s exactly how a case study will impact your business. You can showcase the success of your clients and how your company has a hand in their accomplishments.

Case study videos, especially, are a powerful tool for businesses to attract new clients and generate more revenue. Videos add a personal touch that is difficult to achieve in text-based case studies. 

Before you see some of the best case study videos, let’s take a closer look at the meaning of the case study video.

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What Is A Case Study Video?

A case study video showcases positive customer experiences. It could describe how your product or service has helped clients achieve their business goals. And frankly speaking, every testimony is just as precious.

It is an opportunity for businesses to impress potential clients and tell them who you are in a more relevant and authentic way. Great case study videos are designed to be lively, unfiltered, and personal. It allows people to see the behind the scenes of your business and discover the human side of your organization.

You want the opposite of a simple and predictable company profile that is just “mediocre”. Be honest and share your imperfections to speak directly to your audience’s heart. In fact, the more you show your struggles and be more real, the more people will engage with you, and the less they will see you as “just another company”.

It is important to note that a case study video is not always an ad. Although the two genres may intersect, advertising is more commercially driven, with the intent of encouraging viewers to take immediate action. In contrast, case studies are more of a branding activity whose purpose is to influence the viewer’s perception of a company or product. The intentions are more subtle here. It’s about building trust over time and not expecting viewers to take immediate action.

3 Best Case Study Videos Examples

1. Google Ads

This video is a great example of how out-of-office settings could make your video more visually compelling. The subjects are talking in a comfortable manner, combined with great motion graphics and animations. They tell the story of how Google Ads has helped their business and fluidly insert statistics into the narratives. The extra footage of the staff and work environment is also an added bonus.

2. Zappos

You don’t have to be flashy. Sometimes you can just narrate a simple story. In this video, Zappos doesn’t even try to sell you anything. You just end up feeling warm and fuzzy afterward. You can see many happy and helpful staff who are dedicated to meeting the unique demands of their customers. Sincerity is the key to this video, and it attracts people from the rawness of it.

3. Slack

If you’re still not convinced that case study videos can be fun and engaging, this fun example from Slack can help. This is a different kind of case study video because you can see that it’s fully scripted, but it shows how important it is to tell a strong and compelling story. The video incorporates the features and benefits of using Slack, into in-camera interviews. And it shows how a little humor can help convince customers to invest in your product.

Why Is It Useful?

1. Case studies videos help build trust

Nielsen research numbers show that case studies help build trust between you and your clients. That’s because you show how your clients benefitted from products or services from their point of view. 

It shows credibility when others see it, and credibility leads to trust. 

Case studies can also show how your company is ready to do beyond your obligations to satisfy clients. It shows that you are innovating, and this approach inspires respect and trust.

2. People like winners

Moreover, people want to associate with the winners. The more successful the company, the higher the brand recognition, and in turn, the more successful they think the company is.

Case studies point out that your company is good at what you do. And that’s very appealing to clients.

3. Case studies videos help build brand image and awareness

Case studies can be used to give viewers a better understanding of your company’s culture or background. “Get to know us” videos can be very effective because people want to do business with companies they know or are more familiar with.

4. Case Study Videos are versatile

Video case studies can be used across a variety of marketing channels, and you can even edit certain scenes and lines to use for other purposes, such as social media. Unless the product changes significantly, case study videos provide win-win content that remains relevant for years to come.

5. Case study videos are persuasive

Get your customers to tell you a compelling reason why your product works so powerfully. Video is a direct and persuasive medium. Viewers retain 95% of the message when viewing it on video and only 10% when reading it as text.

Go One Step Further With Case Study Videos

82% of marketers use case studies in marketing because they have been proven to work. Case studies can help build credibility and brand awareness by letting people know more about your business, product, or service through the eyes of your previous clients. They can also help attract new customers.

So, if you already have a great number of loyal customers, you can try and ask them if they are willing to stand in front of the camera and tell the world about you! You will be amazed at how many people are willing to do it for a company they trust and value.

If you are still hesitant to start and make your case study videos, don’t worry! Superpixel is ready to help you to produce your case study videos.

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