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Have you watched a video today?

We bet you have, that’s because videos are all the rage in today’s digital world. Just in Q2 of 2023, online videos had an audience reach of 92.3% worldwide! Hence, it’s becoming one of the biggest trends in the digital landscape and one of the reasons why video marketing has become the most sought-after approach used by businesses to reach new prospects. However, the uptick of videos online has led to increased competition for customer attention.

87% of video marketers say video has directly increased sales but the most commonly created videos by businesses today are live-action (48%). However, live-action videos can be expensive and time-consuming to produce. Moreover, they’re challenging to reuse and repurpose, necessitating reshoots for even minor edits or adjustments. This cycle can incur additional expenses, significantly elongating the production process.

Fortunately, there’s a more budget-friendly alternative to keep up with the video trend: animated sales videos! They’re cost-effective, requiring fewer resources like equipment, actors, and sets. Despite this, they remain highly engaging and effective in promoting your business, effortlessly outshining your competitors and delivering results without breaking the bank

Read on to understand how animated sales videos can help your business grow.

Key Takeaways

  • Animated sales video production can effectively shorten the sales cycle and allow you to allocate resources on finding more leads.
  • Animated sales explainer videos are a great way to improve search engine rankings and deliver your sales proposition successfully
  • People process and retain information better by watching animated sales videos allowing your message to be delivered effectively and with impact

What is an animated sales video?

They are animated videos that serve the purpose of assisting the sales process of a company through the use of animation. These videos can be used to showcase products, explain a company’s services to potential clients and inform audiences about how your product or service can solve their problems. Think of an animated sales video just like a sales pitch – but in a digestible video format that simplifies information and the way you sell your business offerings.

Examples of animated sales videos for businesses

Here are some examples of animated sales videos that our team at SuperPixel created for our clients in the past.

Animated sales explainer videos

Whiteboard animation sales video

Reasons to consider animated sales videos for your business

Shorten your sales cycle

Before customers decide to spend their money on a product or service, they need to know what the product does or how the service can benefit them. However, if companies were to make their sales team pitch their offerings to every person they come across, this can make the sales process lengthy and not to mention, counterproductive.

Fortunately, animated sales explainer videos are the perfect solution to this as they can drastically shorten your sales cycle. Explainer videos are short (typically 60 to 130 seconds long) and informative – allowing you to quickly explain what your business offers and how your products or services can solve customers’ problems. Shortening your sales cycle is crucial because it can help grow revenue and allow your sales team to focus on finding more leads.

Improves search engine rankings

Well if you didn’t know this yet, an animated sales video can effectively improve your website’s search engine rankings. Have you wondered why animated videos are often on the first page of Google’s search page? This is because people are more likely to watch an animated video rather than indulge in traditional search results and read paragraphs of texts to obtain information.

Moreover, the highly engaging and attention-grabbing nature of animated sales videos helps keep website visitors on your page for a longer time – this increases the average duration users spend on your website while also reducing bounce rates. Search engines primarily prioritise the type of content that the audience likes. So, the more clicks you get on your company website, the higher it will rank on Google’s search results.

Delivers your value proposition successfully.

You’ve already discovered how an animated sales video can concisely relay information, but it can also deliver your value proposition in a way that engages potential prospects. Animation can easily portray why a company’s offerings are worthwhile coherently and effectively – making animated sales explainer videos a great medium for companies to utilise. In addition, an animated sales video is appealing as it includes animated characters, music and eye-catching visuals that can help your message stand out in the digital space. Delivering your value proposition successfully is crucial to turning potential prospects into actual paying customers.

Produces an infinitely reusable asset

One of the best things about animated sales videos is the fact that they can be reused for a wide range of applications – as social media content, a video on your company’s website, email newsletters, ads and so on. But it can also act as a core pitch for any sales calls and meetings to ensure consistency. You can even turn specific elements of the video to be used on other marketing materials with just minor editing, eliminating the need for a new video to be produced. An animated sales video is such a big bang for your buck that will help save your time, money and resources.

Retain information longer

We’ve already discussed how animated explainer videos have the power to capture attention and engage their audience, but they’re also a great method of ensuring your message stays in their mind even after the fact. Many studies have found that people can retain information better through video. This is because the human brain inherently processes 90% of information visually, hence why people prefer watching a video rather than reading through lengthy paragraphs. We also process visual information much faster than just textual content. Animated explainer videos are especially great because they can bring your message to life – leaving a lasting impact as well as ensuring information is delivered and retained effectively.

Demonstrate solutions to problems

The truth is, no one will spend their money on a product or service that they do not see value in. This is why it is crucial to explain and demonstrate to your audience how your offerings can solve their problems. Even though you think your business offerings may be one of the best ideas out there if people don’t understand how it can enrich their lives, it won’t be able to sell. Animated explainer videos are a great way to explain how your product or service can help to solve customers’ problems.

With animation, you can break down complex processes into the simplest forms that anyone, at any level of understanding, can comprehend. This is why animation is often used in cartoons because it can communicate stories in a way that even children can easily perceive. No matter how complex your product or service is, you can easily demonstrate problems and reach new customers early in the buying process.

Use animated sales videos to grow your business

Here at SuperPixel, we specialise in a wide range of animation types from 3D animation to whiteboard animation for your animated sales video. With the right team of professional animators, you can upgrade your visual content and propel your business forward. We offer animated sales video production services that will effectively shrink your sales cycle and set you apart from your competitors.

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