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Bull Charge Charity Run

SuperPixel received another meaningful commission from the Singapore Exchange (SGX), this time to promote their SGX Bull Charge Charity Run—an initiative dedicated to supporting underprivileged children, families, and senior citizens.

For this impactful campaign, we crafted a heartwarming 2D animation video that vividly illustrates how participation in SGX’s charity events positively transforms the life of one employee. To enhance the animation’s depth, we introduced multiple characters surrounding the main character, engaging in various scenarios such as work, volunteering, and moments at home.

Additionally, we produced social media GIFs highlighting the diverse activities at the Charity Run, including Silent Disco, Movie Night, bicycle-powered smoothies, and more. Notably, a countdown GIF was designed to build anticipation leading up to the event, adding an extra layer of excitement.

SGX Bull Charge Charity Run
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