We have been busy creating (cute and cool stuff), promoting and influencing through animation. The demand for animation and animated items this year validated our thoughts and we are happy to share with you some important points.

  1. Flexibility. Animation can work wonders. We can easily re-create the past, touch up the present and project how the future will look like (if given ample rendering time.) We can easily tweak visuals without the need to re-shoot, cast expensive talents, pay and secure for location permits and buy props.

  2. Cost efficiency. With great flexibility, animation saves you a good chunk of multimedia production costs. Once you have the elements done, re-creating scenes and on the spot, tweaks are guaranteed way cheaper than re-shoots and color grading.

  3. What is outdated? You know what we mean. Through animation, we can easily re-use, resurrect, re-design, colorize, stylize, revitalize, beautify, intensify, magnify characters, scenes, and elements within a comfortable delivery timeline.

  4. Literally tailored to your needs. We do not guarantee unlimited tweaks but we can surely cater to more amends and personalization than filmed visuals.

  5. Blood and sweat of artists (exaggerated lol). Every graphical element is an impression and expression of an artist or a group of artists. Rest assured that the output you will be previewing is a product of countless brainstorms and creative brawls among artists. Every design, movement, and texture is created with love and from scratch.

In summary, brands and companies can have a wider and greater reach through good animation and graphics.

We can easily personalize collaterals, tap into multiple markets and amplify messaging in countless ways, making ANIMATION the BEST OPTION.

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