Visual development artists are crucial in bringing imagination to life in many industries. They can be found in fields such as advertising, product design, architectural visualisation, education, and more.

From creating memorable characters to crafting immersive environments, visual development artists are the driving force behind some of the most iconic visual experiences in film, video games, and animation. As a business owner, marketer, or advertiser, understanding the impact and potential of visual development artists can take your projects to the next level.

In this blog post, we will explore the exciting world of visual development artists and its relevance in today’s rapidly evolving media landscape.

What is A Visual Development Artist? Here's The Explanation!

What is a Visual Development Artist? 

Before describing a visual development artist, let’s first look at what visual development is. 

Visual development is a profession that relates to creating the look, feel, and mood of a world of an animation project. It deals with designing an environment, setting up the colour palette for the environment, and drawing the characters based on the story. Visual development art enhances that story’s themes by using a strong sense of appeal, colour, design, and composition.

As visual development artists or vis dev artists, they specialise in creating the background, characters, scenes, colour palette, and visual effects (VFX) of the animated film, TV show or video game. 

The Power of Visuals: The Role of Visual Development Artists in Business Promotion

Visual development artists have a unique skill set that makes them valuable assets in the marketing and advertising world. They have the ability to create visually appealing and impactful content that can engage and resonate with target audiences.

In this section, we’ll explore the role that a vis dev artist plays in marketing and advertising and how their contributions can help businesses and advertisers achieve their goals.

1. Creating visually appealing and engaging content

One of the key aspects of successful marketing and advertising campaigns is the creation of visually appealing and engaging content. Whether it’s a print ad, a billboard, or a digital video, the visuals need to have a lasting and memorable impression to grab the audience’s attention. Visual development artists have the creativity and technical skills to make this happen.

Visual development artists work in creating visual arts and graphic design that speaks to the audience. This is because they understand that connecting to your audience is crucial to produce a successful marketing campaign.

2. Creating a lasting impact and high quality visual content for the audience

Visual representation in advertisements have a significant impact on audiences. Studies have shown that people are more likely to remember an advertisement that is visually engaging and that this increased recall can lead to increased brand awareness and engagement. This is why companies are willing to invest significant resources into creating high-quality visual content, with the help of an animation studio who can provide the creative direction to lead your marketing campaign to success.

Furthermore, visual development artists work in applying their design skills to visually stunning campaign that makes the audience remember your business and the products or services you are offering. By leveraging their skills and creativity, they help companies to build strong brands and achieve their marketing and advertising goals.

3. Visual Development Artists vs. Concept Artists 

Generally, the term visual development and concept art are used interchangeably as they are essentially doing the same thing. But their key difference is when they are used in a production. 

A visual development artist is someone who works in an animated film or TV show. Meanwhile, a concept artist is most often used for someone who works in video games and live-action films and shows.

Both the concept artist and visual development artist’s role is to help in setting the mood and tone of the story during the pre-production stage after establishing the story or the concept.

By working with an established and professional animation studio, they can easily lead you to the right direction on how the concept would look like in your ad campaign.

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What Does a Visual Development Artist Do?

When you start working with an animation studio, you will realise that there are other members that play a crucial role to make the entire production successful. One of them is the visual development artist who work on different task depending on the type of production they’re currently on.

Their main job is to ensure that the storytelling aspect of animation production is realised through creative visualisation.

What Does a Visual Development Artist Do?

This might mean that vis dev artists’ job focuses on colour key design or the colour palette used in the production. Alternately, a vis dev artist’s job can be responsible for character designing, props, costumes, environments, and other visual elements in the project.

Here are some of the duties of a visual development artist.

  • Propose ideas and visualise the design of an animation project.

  • Create visuals based on how they imagine the look and feel of the story.

  • Develop an environment, lighting, colours, props, and background.

  • Create character emotions that help the direction of the storyline.

  • Collaborate with other members of the animation team and designers involved in the project, such as the production team, animators, etc.

  • Help with every visual decision, from the background and environment design to props, lighting, costume, and character design. 

Additionally, a visual development artist applies various skills like animation, illustration, painting, and design to describe how they imagine the look of the piece and the overall storyline. 

At times, visual development artists work with different mediums like clay models, paint and ink, or even candy. Aspiring visual development artists and professionals understand that their job is to create visually stunning designs and concepts to capture what the story needs. 

Maximising Success in Working with Visual Development Artists 

Visual development artists are critical partners in the creation of captivating visual content for businesses and advertisers. The right collaboration between businesses, advertisers, and visual development artists can result in successful and effective advertisements that engage and resonate with target audiences.

Here are helpful tips to maximise your success while working on your marketing campaign with a visual development artist.

1. Setting clear goals

Businesses and advertisers should clearly define their goals and expectations for the visual content they want to create. This includes identifying their target audience, the messaging they want to convey, and the desired outcome. This ensures that the visual development artist is able to align their work with the overall objective of the project.

2. Effective communication

Open and clear communication between businesses and visual development artists is essential to ensure a successful collaboration. This includes regular check-ins and clarifying any questions or concerns that may arise.

3. Providing feedback

Throughout the process, businesses, and advertisers should provide ongoing feedback to the visual development artist to ensure that the final product meets their expectations. It is important to be specific, constructive, and respectful in the feedback provided.


In conclusion, a visual dev artist plays a critical role in animated production to make impactful advertisements for brands and businesses. From helping businesses and advertisers craft unique and memorable visuals that connect with their target audience to elevating brand awareness and engagement, the contributions of visual development artists cannot be overstated.

To make the most of working with visual development artists, businesses should prioritise clear goal-setting, effective communication, and ongoing feedback. By doing so, they can ensure the development of successful and impactful advertisements that resonate with their target audience and drive success for their brand.

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