Video Advertising Meaning

Video advertising or video ads is the concept of promoting or advertising a product or service through videos. It is a marketing strategy that displays ads inside online video content. These ads may be displayed before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll), after (post-roll) a video content, or even as a standalone ad. 

Guide for Video Ads: Definition, Benefits, Types, and How-To

Benefits of Running Video Ads

According to Biteable, 60% of companies view video advertisement as an effective tool and create videos for their marketing. Besides that, 69% of people prefer video over text when learning about a product or service, according to Wyzowl. 

Video advertising is an effective and unique way and technique that helps a product or service to stand out among its competitors in the market. With the help of video ads, businesses create quality and creative content that may help them gain benefits, such as:

  • Boost your customer reach and obtain more social shares

  • Increases sales

  • Tell and communicate the story of your brand in a unique and refreshing way

  • Gain great sales volumes

  • Increases your brand recognition and awareness

  • Go viral

To reach your goals effectively, you must identify and implement the most suitable type of video ads for your company. 

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Types of Video Ads

There are several types of video ads format, such as:

1. In-stream ads

In-stream ads are short videos consisting of promotional content that appear inside the video content, either before, during, or after. This kind of video ad is the most popular and some of them are interactive. We probably have seen many in-stream ads that appear on YouTube. In-stream ads encourage viewers to click on a link that leads to the promotional content. 

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2. Non-linear ads

Non-linear ads play outside the main video and do not connect to other content. When a user clicks on this ad, the video content that they are viewing at the moment will automatically stop playing. Users can simply keep scrolling if they do not wish to see the ads. 

3. Rewarded ad

This type of ad aids the viewer with specific incentives or rewards in exchange for watching the video ad. This type of ad often targets gamers, which may reward them with bonus equipment, game bonuses, an extra life, etc. 

4. Native autoplay ads

Native autoplay ads play at the content’s end. Users who just viewed these ads’ chances of working increase when the ads are relevant to the content. 

5. Shoppable video ad

These ads attach a link in the video that leads and encourages their viewer to buy a specific product. Shoppable video ads may happen in whatever app the viewer is using.

6. Native video

Native video is a more advanced type of video ad that allows the viewer a chance to contribute and takes control of the viewing experience.

7. Companion Ads

Companion ads consist of text, images or rich media that don’t interfere with the video experience. 

Tips for Creating an Effective Video Ad

There are several tips that will help you in creating creative and effective video ads for your products or services, such as:

1. Include the most compelling part at the beginning

When you create your video ads, make sure to put the most compelling and important information in the beginning. Start your video with a statement, like discussing a widespread problem, asking a question, or sharing a new fact, that will immediately intrigue the audience. This may help you to avoid viewers skipping your ad. 

2. Show your company’s competitive advantage

Your video must be able to answer questions, like why customers must choose your brands, what makes your brand special, and what makes your brand stand out in the competitive market. You can include your strengths, unique features, benefits, achievements, and proof of your success. 

3. Choose your video’s optimal length

Your video is meant to promote your brand or sell your product. It should be short enough so that you can keep customers’ attention and avoid boring them. This short video should also be enough to communicate your message. A video ad length is around 30 seconds or less in general. Explainer videos may take a longer time frame to make sure their explanation is detailed enough. Make sure this time frame allows you to convey every information you want to tell when you write your script. 

4. Provide arguments to convince the customer that your brand is worthy of their trust

Your video ad must help viewers to believe that your company is the best choice for them. This is why you need to provide arguments, like visible values, unlimited warranty, new technology, or features that your brand has that could really help them solve their problems. 

5. Consider using CTA

A call to action (CTA) button is necessary to be placed at the end of your video so viewers may visit your website to learn more about the company, check the details of your products or services, or even explore the promotions you offer. This approach is aimed to encourage people to be more aware of your brand or to help you gain a wider customer base or increase your sales. 

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Video advertisement is one of the most effective marketing strategies for increasing sales and brand recognition. This type of advertisement is also more preferred by customers. 

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