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Ranger Buddies Arlo

In another exciting collaboration with Mandai Wildlife Group, SuperPixel took on the task of crafting a 3D animation featuring Arlo, the King penguin, to shed light on pressing environmental issues. This animated video serves as an educational tool, targeting the younger generation and instilling in them a sense of responsibility as stewards of our planet.

Our team brought Arlo, the King penguin from Antarctica, to life, drawing inspiration from the real penguins at Mandai Zoo. We recreated his Antarctic home, complete with family members and snowy landscapes. However, mirroring the current global climate challenges, the animation emphasises the urgency of environmental conservation to safeguard Arlo’s family in Antarctica.

Since the release of this 3D animated video on Ranger Buddies’ YouTube channel, it has surpassed 300,000 views, making it the second most popular video on their platform. It serves as evidence of the increased awareness of their Ranger Buddies program and the resulting uptick in visits to Mandai Zoo.

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Character Design


Concept Art

Styleframes Antartica

Styleframes Land


Katherine Goh

Art Director

Tham Chee Yoong

Storyboard Artist

Ryan, Raffael

Lead Compositor


3D Artists

Lauren, Ratna

3D Interns

Jonathan, Mei

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