There are various types of advertising mediums that have been used in this modern era. These mediums are chosen carefully so they can give the best effect for advertising that help attract customers to the maximum. 

Although there are many types of advertising mediums that can be used to advertise, many people find it hard to choose the most effective medium to advertise their product.

One of the best advertising mediums these days is digital or electronic advertising media. This media is called the videotron.

While billboards have been the way to go for advertisement, many people still don’t really know the term videotron. The knowledge of advertising mediums may help you to bring out the best in your product’s advertisement.

Check out this article to find out more about videotron and the benefits of using it. 

Understanding The Benefits of Videotron As An Advertising Medium

What is a Videotron?

Videotron is one of the various advertising media that’s similar to a billboard that uses digital technology.

Videotron as an advertising medium carries a promotion in the form of film images within a certain duration. The main media that is used in a videotron is digital video. 

Benefits of Using Videotron For Your Brand

1. Effective Outdoor Advertising Medium

Videotron as an outdoor advertising medium is very effective for advertisement. Outdoor advertising helps you build familiarity with consumers.

The more often they see your videotron, the higher the familiarity will be and also become the foundation of strong consumer awareness of the product. After seeing your advertisement, consumers can also have the potential to talk about it and recommend them to other consumers. 

2. More Refreshing

The use of videotron as an advertising medium is more effective compared to other methods such as billboards or banners, which only use static images. These static images look less attractive and seem boring.

By using videotron, you can put on a digital video of your brand which is way more interesting and attractive for customers. Rather than static images, dynamic and animated video is far more visually refreshing. 

3. Customizable

Many people consider the display of outdoor advertising monotonous. In fact, videotrons can be displayed according to the advertising needs of your product.

You can customize your videotron according to the content and the place you will put it into. For example, you can have clean and structured display advertisements in the office area, while having a colourful visual and casual design for the advertisements around the amusement parks. 

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Videotron vs Billboard

As mentioned above, we can see that videotron possesses similar general characteristics to billboards. Not only billboard, but videotron is also frequently misunderstood as megatron. Let’s have a look at what distinguishes videotron from a billboard

Videotron vs Billboard

1. Definition

If we’re talking about their similarity, both videotron and billboards are general outdoor advertising mediums. But both of them have a slight and specific difference. 

Billboards are static outdoor advertising media, whilst videotron is a dynamic outdoor advertising medium. Billboards only display advertisements in the form of static images, while videotron displays advertisements in the form of digital videos. 

2. Technology

The focus of videotron is to use digital technology with the support of electronic equipment to attract the attention of potential consumers. Videotron also uses LED lights and interesting lighting that are very effective in grabbing the consumers’ attention. 

Meanwhile, billboards are advertisements that don’t apply additional technology and are mostly only in the form of poster designs. Videotron uses digital technology in its video display. So we can conclude that videotron uses more advanced technology compared to billboards. 

3. Material and Size

As they display advertisements differently, billboards and videotron are very much different in terms of material and size. Used to display static images, the materials used in creating a billboard are much simpler than videotron.

Materials for billboards can include cloth, wood, or plastic media. While automatic videotron must use a much stronger medium, namely aluminium support and a glass screen construction.  

Billboards have various sizes, ranging from small to large. However, videotrons generally need to use a size large enough to be seen from various angles. Videotrons need to be seen clearly within a location in a busy centre and ensure that their position is strategic enough to attract a general audience who passes through the area. 

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Creative Digital Video For Effective Videotron

Ready to bring out the most of your product’s advertisement by using videotron? Start by creating the digital video content that you will put on your videotron. If you’re confused about where to start, you can always reach out to a professional content studio, like us, Superpixel.

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