An animation showreel is a video that contains short pieces of several videos stitched together. The video used is a collection of the work you have done. The duration of the showreel is quite short because if it is too long, it will be ineffective and boring.

Usually, the animation showreel is used by animators to promote themselves as professional creative workers to show the portfolio that they have created before. However, the showreel has many other uses such as recording achievements, personal branding, showing skills, summarizing the work that has been made, and the marketing needs of a company.

How To Create Animation Showreel

Here are some things to consider when creating the perfect attention-grabbing animation showreel:

1. Video duration

Make the audience feel at home watching your showreel by presenting a short duration of about 1-3 minutes as an ideal time. Make sure your animation showreel doesn’t have to repeat similar clips.

2. Video content

Choose different types of videos so that there is no repetition of the same type of video. Give surprises at the beginning and end of the video to grab the audience’s attention. The selection of video content also considers the attention span and target audience of the animation showreel.

3. Quality over quantity

Don’t make clients wait for your final work until the last minute of the video. You don’t need to load a lot of clips and choose good-quality clips.

4. Use the latest clips

Use the latest work. The latest work will give you an idea of the skills you currently have. Skills will continue to grow as new experiences you get. Make the animation showreel your reflection.

5. Personal data

Don’t focus so much on visual effects and sound effects that you skip the self-introduction section so clients know how they should contact you. Clients also want to know, what gear and software do you use and what is your animation style

6. Music

Choose music that is not distracting as the background sound and can serve as a link between clips.

7. Think of the audience

In creating any content, think about who you are creating the content for. Do some research to find out the background of your target audience. So that the content created can be customized and right on target.

8. How it looks on the site

Check how the work that you have uploaded to a site looks like so it doesn’t change the impression you want to give the audience.

9. Ask a friend

Ask a friend or other party for their opinion on the animation showreel that you have made and what their first impression was. This is used to find out whether the work you create reflects you.

10. Be unique

Show your skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and a unique point of view in seeing things. Using your uniqueness and strengths will set you apart from the competition. However, don’t include works, elements, or music that will make the audience not interested in watching your animation showreel until it’s finished.

How To Create Animation Showreel

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11. Don’t make the audience think

Don’t make the audience have to think about how to contact you and what work you do. Make a showreel animation that is very easy for the audience to understand.

12. Credits

Include credits when you collaborate with others on your animation showreel. This will show that you are not trying to take credit for other people’s work. The use of credit will prevent accusations of plagiarism and owning other people’s work which can lead to animators being labeled as unprofessional.

13. Let the work speak for itself

Don’t get too hung up on elements that don’t necessarily affect the audience you want to impress. In the end, the audience will focus on the work you create, not on the music and editing. Pay attention to the details of the work you want to present. Focus on creating your animation showreel. Let your work speak for the audience.

14. Tailor to the right industry

When creating an animation showreel, assume where you want to go in your career. For example, animation for the game industry, films, company needs, and others. Therefore, in addition to thinking about the audience, the animation showreel must also be made based on the target industry.

15. Own your work

Clearly show what you are doing in a project that you highlight in your animation showreel. Are you working alone or with a team? This serves to avoid plagiarism from others and yourself. Always use your work and never sell other people’s work for your sake. Using other people’s work will certainly affect your career in any industry. You will also lose the credibility you have as a creative worker.

16. Keep it professional

Make your animation showreel professionally. Do not use offensive or adult material on your animation showreel. Even things you find funny can offend others and affect your career. Keeping your job professional will show that you are a professional individual.

17. Show your aspirations

Your showreel should show people where you want to go, not where you’ve been. Let the video you’re about to send to the studio produce your aspirations. Studio heads will appreciate any forward-thinking or innovative approach you can bring to their company, but it’s really about showing that you’re not afraid to try new things and leave your comfort zone to experiment. By all means, celebrate what you’ve done but your showreel should also hint at the direction you want your career to be. Potential employers will learn a lot about you and whether you are a good fit for their studio this way.

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