In a more digitalized society, video is one of the most crucial mediums to use for communication.

Video content takes an important role to steal audiences’ attention more effectively and appealingly. It has the power to tell a story, deliver information concisely, create buzz, and reach a wider range of audiences.

When it comes to the advertising world, this was no different. 92% of marketers consider video as an essential part of their marketing strategy, as more than 500 million hours of total video duration is watched every day.

Let's Unveiling the Wonder of Video Ad!

Video ads are slowly increasing in marketing trend, and it doesn’t show any sign of fading. Statista forecasted video ads’ global spending to reach over $295 million by 2026.

But what is exactly a video ad? What are the benefits of using video ads? and how do you make an effective video ad to engage with customers?

Video Ad Explained

To begin, video advertising, commonly known as a video ad, is promotional content that displays information regarding a specified product or service in the form of audiovisual and moving images.

The video itself is often played in the beginning, during, or after streaming content, although lately marketing professionals broadened the definition by including display ads with video content, social media ad, and native video ads displayed on the website as a part of this so-called ‘king’ of marketing tool.

As the bustling lifestyle emerges, the public would prefer to watch a short-appealing video to obtain all the necessary information about a product, rather than reading a full-page article which costs them a long time to allocate. Hence, a video ad is a great investment for your brand’s marketing strategy, compared to any other audio or visual promotional tool.

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Reasons to Jump Into the Video Advertising World

Apart from their visually appealing and attention-capturing nature, video ads could lead to many more benefits for your business. Explained below are the advantages of video ads that make them a must-have for advertisers:

1. It Helps Your Business To Obtain Better Sales Volumes, Compared To Static Image Performances

It is always arguable to determine which one is most effective to deliver promotional messages. To be fair, both static images and video advertising come with informative yet eye-catching features to help audiences learn about specified products or services.

However, to meet the demand for interactivity and engagement with the audiences, video content is more likely to catch their attention. While static image advertising relies only on text, punctuation, and visual cues to communicate with audiences, video ads use movement and sound to develop emotional bonds through an easy-to-follow storyline and exquisite call-to-action (CTA).

Moreover, a study shows the audiences’ positive experience with video ads increases their intent to purchase by 97% and brand association by 139%.

2. It Is an Effective Way to Receive High Organic Traffic

Video content is simply shareable across media platforms. If the customers like the video ad that they saw, it is more likely for them to share it with their friends and family members.

Furthermore, the higher number of shares obtained by a certain video advertising, the more search engines will rank the video as the most favorable, which would lead to an organic traffic increase on certain brand landing pages. Consequently, the brand will also get more recognition.

3. It Informs People in an Engaging Way

Video advertising allows marketers to perform “show, don’t tell” methods to educate their customers about topics related to promoted products or services. A quick example of this is the product utilization tutorials.

Its ability to convey messages in a rather short time resulted in easy-to-digest information, which is highly preferred by the customer when it comes to understanding unfamiliar topics. Studies show that 69% of audiences would rather watch video advertising available online to learn about certain products or services rather than text or picture-based descriptions.

Reasons to Jump Into the Video Advertising World

4. It is Handheld Devices Friendly

Computers and mobile phones are two of the widely used devices to access the internet. However, people tend to favor handheld devices to obtain more brand interactions and experiences. The circumstances apply too for video advertising.

Luckily, nature itself enables video content to be easily translated to mobile phones, which would be very convenient for the production issue.

However, it must be taken into account that human has a very short span of attention. The average limit for effective video advertising duration is 30 seconds, and preferably less. Some said that your first 15 seconds decide whether the content is captivating enough to the audience, while others believe that audience’s attention should be grabbed in the first 5 seconds only.

5. It Has No Boundary Across Platforms

Video advertisements can be displayed on multiple platforms. Be it computers, mobiles, or connected TVs, the video you shared on those platforms is now an essential tool to help your brand get more recognition through global exposure.

6. It Offers Flexibility in Style

There are no limitations on video advertising format and/or concept. Marketers can put any features on the video that suits their needs. Moreover, they can also choose whether it would be a live-action video, animated, or a combination of both.

One of the most appealing styles of video advertising displays animated features on the storyline. Energetic video advertising allows viewers to enhance their emotional bond and imagination through eye-catching visuals and limitless design. This way, you can also introduce your product and/or service to the audiences the way you want it to be delivered, regardless of live-action scenario limitations.

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Create Video ads to Enhance Your Business

Set aside your hesitation and escalate your business through interactive animated video ads. Its simple, unique, and eye-catching features enable your audiences to engage better with the products or services, as a tailored communication style helps customers to retain the identity of your brand in their minds.

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