Decoding Motion Graphics Studio

A motion graphics company, often recognized as a motion graphics studio, is a creative content-production business. It allows objects, texts, animation, and other graphic design elements to harmonize in motions, to present an idea, brand, or information to its viewer in an attractive, yet informative way.

Simply put, motion graphics companies produce purpose-driven moving audiovisual content.

As a country where digital innovation and ideas emerge, Singapore is home to top-notch motion graphic companies.

Singapore's Top Notch Motion Graphic Company

The ‘Helping Hands’ of Motion Graphics Company

An essential part of running a motion graphic company is the ability to elaborate complex messages to a presentable outline, which would enable its client to stand out and engage with their markets.

By all means, they have the responsibility to illustrate multiple sources of ideas regardless of their purposes and contexts, which later would enable the design element itself to convey messages fascinatingly.

Now, take a glance at how a motion graphic company is bringing text based-information to life, through the fascinating combination of the text itself, graphics, sound, and other essential design elements.

KAO Laurier Ultra Gentle Explainer Video

Through creative concepts that include calming visuals, comforting use of color, and excellent word selection, KAO Laurier Ultra Gentle motion graphic videos successfully deliver statistics, facts, and information to put viewers a better understanding of sanitary products that suits what just they need.

SGX | Bullcharge Charity Run

The SGX Bull Charge event promotion video persuades you to be a better version of yourself, through participation in charity events and giving back to your community. Comes with an emotional approach toward its viewers, the 2D animation illustrates relevant problems in society and offers a good solution to cope with them.

Meet Superpixel, Singaporean’s Choice for Motion Graphics Company

Superpixel is a Singapore-based motion graphics company that produces numerous types of communication media in the form of moving visuals. The company offers a variety of products to correspond with different needs, starting from brand videos, infographics, explainers, and event promotions, to 3D visualizations.

Why Superpixel?

Established in 2016, Superpixel consists of experienced creative directors, animators, illustrators, designers, and strategists. Their experiences and know-how in the field of motion design make the company the right choice to help add more value and dynamic appeal to dreams and visions.

Through prominent skills and collaboration of passionate team members, Superpixel helps elevate your business through well-crafted message visualization a.k.a. the ‘Super Content’

To create Super Content, Superpixel relies on a 7-steps process:

1.       Briefing – to understand better the brand’s objectives, audiences, deadlines, and budgets.

2.       Scripting – the first major milestone, clients can always decide to have their own or collaborate with Superpixel to craft its message.

3.       Storyboard – sketch of frames to depict each shot, description, and narrative.

4.       Styleframes – a glimpse of ideas with color to present the look and ambiance of the final video.

5.       Filming – aside from creating video footage, involved elements (cast, crew, and locations) are also selected in this step beforehand.

6.       Editing & Animation – this step consists of adding necessary enhancements, including graphics and effects.

7.       Music, Voice-over, &SFX – inserting relevant audio sources to the video. Some music will also be a good addition to escalate viewers’ impression of the content.

In addition, Superpixel always starts with a good relationship with its client, by letting them be involved in fundamental steps of production. It allows Superpixel to understand better the clients’ (brands, ideas, objectives, target market, etc.) and help them articulate the essential value afterward.

What can Superpixel Offer?

Taking motion design seriously, Superpixel comes with various types of motion graphics videos to serve your necessities. Below are some examples of products offered by Superpixel:

Explainer Video

Informative, yet short video aimed to present specified ideas of a company, brand, or product that are often placed on a website’s landing page. Consists of colorful design elements to visualize visions or concepts.

Brand Video

Motion graphics appears to be the best way to introduce a brand or business label. Comes with the ability to communicate ideas most appealingly, it helps target audiences to understand better about the company through graphic transitions and revealing logo.

Event Promotion

Motion design attracts viewers through endless creativities. Engage with prospective customers through the show, don’t tell approach. Motion graphic videos enable you to provide visuals of how the event is going to be and what they can expect from it.

Apart from the products mentioned earlier, Superpixel believes in versatility and the power of visual design. Through sufficient resources and advanced skills, they aim to create a borderless Super Content that would apply across the board regardless of its platform.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your ideas and collaborate with Superpixel, Singapore Animation Studio, for incredible motion graphic videos.