Have you checked out Netflix’s Diagnosis? It fascinates us how powerful a content could shape perception, educate and even save lives eventually. This is a series about a crowdsourcing quest for diagnoses on mysterious cases and diseases. Diagnosis is a good example of a good concept + good execution and visuals type of series which in turn gives us good content.

Learning from Diagnosis, a great content usually has clear objectives in the beginning in order to have an impact. Before getting creative on the narratives on creating an animated video or any type of content, be sure to check on one or more of the following to have clear objectives:




Animated video could help to capture people’s attention to boost awareness, create engagement, positionining, and communicate values on a certain issue. Alongside with a well-planned campaign and good narratives, an animated video could help to reach out to the right audience effectively. We love to challenge ourselves with new ideas to engage and change viewers’ perceptions. Some of them are bringing a pill to life or reversing a life cycle of a mosquito.




An animated video is also great to be a manual on how to use your product/service, saving time and cost on answering consumers’ FAQs on the phone and online, retaining engagement, or even cross-selling related products. Using a relatable case studies of current consumers will be also a great way of supporting through an animated video.




An animated video would be perfect for educational purposes; from safety at work or even as deep as showing the right way to gargle. We know how to craft your message to stand out. The education element in the product or service would be valuable to help consumers get better access to it.




This is another crucial reason to reinforce consumers’ decision to purchase in making them feel like they belong to a community of the same product or service. In doing so, the animated video can then result to leading more prospects, increasing purchase amounts as well as increasing referrals.


With clear objective(s), you will then be able to plan your content accordingly to make sure it flies.