Things are moving pretty quickly and we are so thrilled to ride the waves of collaborations as we progress.

Good content is everywhere. But, how far can we take our content creatively?
We can even take things further by combining animation with interactivity, mixed realities, and artificial intelligence to create a holistic and immersive experience. It is so malleable that it can be exploited into different platforms and present multiple ways of collaboration across many disciplines.

This is an example of how we incorporated the magic of animation with performance/movements.


A Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration 

Earlier this year, we delivered a one of a kind fantasy world for Resorts World Sentosa’s CNY Gala Dinner. We produced the content and visuals for their 360 screen panel within the main ballroom and transported each guest to this immersive, out of this world realm as they entered the venue. As the event progressed, performers would start to work on their magic blending into the world we created. We even had our animated dragons came to life to surprise the audience.

The successful event was a collaborative effort between animators, programmers, and performers in bringing an immersive experience to the VVIP guests.